Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5703

  Another voice said, “But she’s almost four hundred years old after all! Four hundred years old what a concept! Your Master Ye Chen Ye hasn’t even reached thirty this year!”

Ye Chen was afraid that this kind of entanglement would mislead him, so he hurriedly shook his head off and threw away all these thoughts, and then asked Lin Wan’er, “You ……”

As soon as the word “you” was out of his mouth, he could clearly see a hint of sullenness between Lin Wan’er’s beautiful eyebrows, so he hurriedly changed his tone again and said, “No, I want to say you ……”

Lin Wan’er’s sulking dissipated, smiled sweetly, and asked blushingly, “What does your son want to say? My slave is listening.”

Ye Chen asked in amazement, “How can you manage to live for four hundred years and still be so young! You don’t even …… you don’t even look eighteen years old …… even if you keep taking rejuvenation pills, it’s impossible for you to return to your old age, right?”

Lin Wan’er hastily explained, “Your Excellency misunderstood, slave is not rejuvenated, slave is just that, since the year she was seventeen, her appearance and body have been the way they are today, and she has not aged for over three hundred years.”

Ye Chen was even more shocked, he asked offhandedly, “This …… how is this possible …… you are not proficient in aura yourself, even if you are proficient in aura you can’t do the face forever ah… …”

Lin Wan’er replied, “Since your son is proficient in cultivation, I wonder if you have ever heard of the Ten Thousand Ancient Eternal Youth Pill?”

Ye Chen shook his head, “Never heard of it …… What are the effects of this elixir?”

Lin Wan’er said seriously, “The Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill, after taking it, one’s life expectancy can reach five hundred years, and within five hundred years, one’s face will last forever, my slave has taken it to live until today.”

Ye Chen’s eyes widened, “Is there really such a miraculous elixir?!”

“Of course.” Lin Wan’er said, looking at her father’s spirit not far away, and said seriously, “I swear on my father’s spirit that I will not conceal or deceive anything in what I say to you today.

Ye Chen followed her line of sight and saw eight big words written on the spirit tablet: the spirit tablet of his late father, Lin Chiru.

At this moment, Ye Chen no longer doubted Lin Wan’er’s words, so he pressed down his inner shock and asked, “Did your father give you that Wan Gu Evergreen Pill that you took?”

Lin Wan’er once again turned back to look at the spirit tablet of her father and spoke, “Yes, the Vanguard Evergreen Pill was given to my slave by my father before he died.”

Ye Chen was even more astonished: “If your father had the Pill of Everlasting Youth, then why didn’t he take it himself before he died? Wouldn’t taking it prevent him from having to die?”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Oh yes, please try to use ‘I’ to refer to yourself, always being a slave slave, I, a modern person born under the red flag, am really a bit uncomfortable.”

“Alright, slave try ……” Lin Wan’er nodded gently and said with a sad face, “Back to the question you just asked, more than three hundred years ago, when I was really seventeen years old and still practicing embroidery in my boudoir in southern Yunnan, my My father, who was thousands of miles away, suddenly appeared in front of me; in fact, at that time, he was also seriously injured, just like you are today ……”

“I hastily settled my father down temporarily, and he gave me an unknown potion, telling me not to ask anything and to take it.”

“I didn’t know what the potion did, but my father’s orders could not be disobeyed, so I took the potion, and only after I had taken it did my father tell me what it was and what it did ……”

She said, with red eyes, she said softly, “As for why my father himself did not take it, but gave me the Vanguard Everlasting Pill, he said it was because he did not want to see me, as a father, die of old age in front of him one day ……”

“My father also said that if there was a medicine that would make a father keep living and watching his daughter grow old and die slowly with his own eyes, then that medicine would not be an immortal medicine, but a poison ……”