Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5702

When Lin Wan’er’s back disappeared at the top of a mountain, Ye Chen’s consciousness also instantly returned to reality from the great mountain deep in southern Yunnan.

The moment he opened his eyes, he completely believed Lin Wan’er’s words.

Believing this girl, from three hundred years ago, had lived until now.

And at this moment, he finally realised why he had always felt that Lin Wan’er was very uncomplicated, yet he could never penetrate what was wrong.

That at the age of seventeen or eighteen, she was proficient in the Near Divine Trigram, which Lai Ching Hua had failed to learn at the age of a hundred;

She was seventeen or eighteen and was being chased all the way by the Qing Breaking Society. If the Qing Breaking Society had been chasing her for five years, wouldn’t that mean that since she was twelve, she had to start fighting with the Qing Breaking Society?

She was also seventeen or eighteen years old, but she had appeared in Jinling and in front of him not long after the Nordic Farewell.

And this young girl, who looks 17 or 18 years old, can paint a landscape in ink and wash, a skill that can kill almost any painter in history ……

The moment she told the hidden story, all these doubts instantly had a reasonable explanation.

Take the painting skills, she had over three hundred years to understand painting, which would not have been comparable to any other painter.

The same is true of fortune-telling.

Lai Qing Hua is only a hundred years old, Lin Wan Er is over three hundred, the difference is self-evident.

At the same time, Ye Chen also noticed that the entire aura of Lin Wan’er in front of him had changed.

For some reason, the way she moved her hands and feet now suddenly gave Ye Chen a feeling of “beauty covering the present and the past, lotus blossoms shying away from the jade face”.

The phrase “slave”, which she used to call herself in ancient China, made Ye Chen feel that Lin Wan’er was like a kitten lying on the ground, revealing her soft belly, exposing her biggest secret and weakness to herself at once.

Seeing that Ye Chen had not yet recovered from his extreme shock, Lin Wan’er said with an apologetic face, “Please forgive me, my slave did not mean to frighten you, it’s just that when you asked, my slave did not dare to lie, so I could only tell the truth ……”

He fixed his mind slightly, looked at Lin Wan’er and asked word by word, “Did you cross over from more than three hundred years ago, or did you live from more than three hundred years ago, until today?”

Lin Wan’er replied, “In reply to Your Excellency, my slave has lived until today.”

Ye Chen was shocked and muttered, “Three hundred years ago, you were watching that tea tree cross the tribulation in southern Yunnan …… that …… then how old are you this year?”

Lin Wan’er said seriously, “Back to your son, my slave was born in the second year of Longwu of the Southern Ming Dynasty, which was also the third year of Shunzhi and 1646 of the Gregorian calendar of the Tartar Qing court.”

Ye Chen’s brain was dizzy for a while.

Based on this age, Lin Wan’er was considered to be his ancestor, and the Ye family tree might not even be earlier than her!

So Ye Chen exclaimed, “1646 years …… then you …… oh no …… then wouldn’t you be nearly four hundred years old now?! ”

Lin Wan’er smiled, folded her hands on one side of her waist, bowed slightly to Ye Chen, and said respectfully, “You don’t have to call me ‘you’, just call me Wan’er.”

“No ……” Ye Chen said very seriously: “You are almost four hundred years old …… I would not be wrong to call you an old ancestor ……”

Lin Wan’er smiled and said seriously, “In my slave’s opinion, my slave is just an overgrown girl, not an old, immortal old demon, although it is true that my slave has lived for almost four hundred years, my slave is still seventeen years old ……”

“Uh ……” Ye Chen was instantly thrown into embarrassment, the two voices within him were arguing fiercely at this moment.

One voice said, “She’s right ah, although she has lived for almost four hundred years, she has always been a seventeen or eighteen year old girl ……”