Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5701

  At this moment, Lin Wan’er suddenly used her other hand, grabbed Ye Chen’s right hand that was wearing the ring and interlocked her fingers with it, then, with an expectant face, she said to Ye Chen, “My lord, my slave dares to take you to see with your own eyes what it looked like three hundred years ago!”

  After saying that, the ring, which had not moved at all, suddenly seemed to understand Lin Wan’er’s words and released some aura straight to their brains.

  The next moment, Ye Chen felt his vision suddenly blurred, and then, as if he was being held by Lin Wan’er’s hand, he quickly passed through an invisible door, followed by a cool breeze, and the image in front of him, instantly came to life.

  At this moment, he was standing in the middle of the endless mountains of southern Yunnan, the sky was incomparably clear, the mountains were green and refreshing, the tumbling white clouds were close to his eyes, seemingly within his reach, and on the edge of the heavenly pond, apart from the extraordinarily luxuriant Pu Cha mother tree, there were endless flowers of all kinds, while the water of the heavenly pond reflected the blue sky, white clouds and green mountains, the whole picture was too beautiful to describe in words.

  Afterwards, Ye Chen fixed his eyes to see that underneath the mother tree, a beautiful young girl wearing a long shirt with narrow sleeves and a horse-faced skirt in sky blue was sitting at a small square table drinking tea, that young girl was none other than Lin Wan’er.

  Not far away, many tea farmers were picking tea leaves from the relatively low tea trees. Before they carried their baskets full of tea leaves down the mountain, they would come to the Mother Tree of Pu Cha and bow slightly to this Mother Tree, and then respectfully say hello to Lin Wan’er.

  Lin Wan’er recognised each of them and whenever someone came up to say hello, she would smile and ask them how their harvest had been today.

  The tea farmer would also come forward and take out a handful of fresh tea leaves from his basket and hand them to her for tasting.

  Lin Wan’er would pinch a pinch of tea leaves with her fingers, put it under her nose and smell it, then pinch a piece and chew it in her mouth, then tell them the grade of the tea, how to kill the leaves, how to dry them, how to dry them, how to steam them and how to store them better.

  Each tea farmer thanked her gratefully after receiving her instructions before saying goodbye and leaving.

  This scene made Ye Chen feel, for the first time, that perfect harmony between the ancient people and nature.

  And just as he was immersed in it, everything around him suddenly changed from bright daylight to a dark cloudy night.

  The storm kept lapping at the mother tree of Pucha, and it met the storm with its own strength, without flinching.

  The wind grew stronger and stronger, to the point where many of the branches and leaves of the tree broke off and its trunk swayed violently in response to the gale.

  As the trunk of the Mother Tree was desperately trying to resist the gale, a thunderbolt rolled down from the sky and landed with a bang on the Mother Tree, instantly setting it on fire.

  The wind and rain continued, and the flames grew stronger and stronger in the midst of the storm.

  About an incense stick later, the whole tree was turned into a charcoal, completely devoid of signs of life.

  The wind and rain also seemed to have made a pact to call it quits in a flash.

  The dark clouds in the sky dispersed and a full moon appeared above the celestial pond, illuminating the earth with a clear, cold light.

  Under the moonlight, a young girl carrying a basket on her back, wearing a straw coat and a hat, walked step by step to the mother tree.

  This young girl is none other than Lin Wan’er.

  She took off her hat to protect herself from the rain, picked up a piece of trunk from the ground that had been carbonised by a lightning strike, held it and bowed to the mother tree three times.

  After this, she did not go down the mountain, but put the piece of trunk that had been struck by lightning into her back basket and walked into the mountains without looking back ……