Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5698

Hearing Lin Wan’er’s words, Ye Chen subconsciously frowned and asked, “How is this possible …… you must be lying to me.”

“How could it be.” Lin Wan’er said with certainty, “It’s a thousand percent true! Wan’er can swear on her life.”

Ye Chen shook his head and said very seriously and honestly: “I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that this ring can indeed send people to other people, but when Xu Changqing suddenly exploded just now, my mind didn’t think of you …… What I thought of was my parents who had passed away ……”

Saying that, Ye Chen couldn’t help but murmur again, “It seems like at the end of the end, my wife flashed through my mind, if it’s really like you said, I should be sent to my wife by the ring only ……”

Lin Wan’er pursed her lips and said with some sadness, “Brother Ye Chen, Wan’er did not lie to you, Wan’er naturally knew that you would not think of Wan’er at the time of life and death, it’s just that this ring was left to Wan’er by her father, before he passed away, because he wanted to see Wan’er the most, so the ring sent him to Wan’er;”

Ye Chen was dumbfounded as he listened! I never thought that this ring would really have such magical effects!

At this moment, Lin Wan’er paused for a moment before continuing, “Father left this ring to Wan’er, and later, Wan’er gave this ring to Brother Ye Chen in Northern Europe ……”

Then, Lin Wan’er turned her words and added: “However, although Wan’er gave it to Brother Ye Chen, in fact, this ring has long recognized Wan’er’s father as its master, so when Brother Ye Chen was in danger today, it sensed the danger you were in and also remembered that Wan’er’s father used to want to see Wan’er the most before he died, so it sent you to Wan’er just like it sent him last time. sent you to Wan’er as well.”

Ye Chen was so shocked that he could not speak for a long time!

After a long time, he asked in disbelief, “As you said, this ring is simply a magic weapon that can bring people back from the dead, why did you give it to me for such a valuable thing?”

Lin Wan’er smiled to herself and said, “It’s not like the ring is a perpetual motion machine, it instantly sends a living person thousands or even tens of thousands of miles away, it requires a lot of spiritual energy, and I don’t have any spiritual energy, so it’s useless to wear it.”

Saying that, she looked at Ye Chen again and asked, “Brother Ye Chen must have poured a lot of spiritual energy into this ring, right?”

Ye Chen nodded, recalling how he had been drained of his spiritual energy by this ring several times, but he could no longer raise a half-hearted sigh in his heart, “So it sucked my spiritual energy in order to be able to save me from fire and water one day ……”

As he said that, Ye Chen suddenly thought of something and hastily asked her, “But aren’t you participating in military training at Jinling University? I remember I instructed you to never leave the school these days, so how come you are here again?”

Lin Wan’er replied, “Two days ago, a thunderstorm suddenly broke out in the countryside, and I noticed something strange. How would you explain to her? Would it be possible to erase her memory again?”

Ye Chen felt uncomfortable all over his body at the thought that he might appear naked in the girls’ dormitory at Jinling University, so he could only smile sarcastically and say thankfully, “So it was Miss Lin who had predicted that I would have a calamity and that I might be sent here to meet you by this ring, so she came back early to wait, thank you very much indeed!”

“Brother Ye Chen doesn’t need to be polite.” Lin Wan’er said, and then couldn’t help but blush a little, “It’s just that Wan’er had counted a thousand times, but she hadn’t counted that Brother Ye Chen would appear while Wan’er was bathing ……”

Ye Chen thought back on just now and couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed in his heart.

Then, he could only digress and ask in confusion, “By the way, you have no aura, why was I not able to erase your memory in Northern Europe that day?”

Lin Wan’er sighed lightly, “Ai …… that’s a long story.”

After speaking, she saw that Ye Chen’s lips were dry and cracked, and he couldn’t stop swallowing saliva, so she hurriedly asked, “Brother Ye Chen must be thirsty, right?”

Ye Chen gently nodded his head.