Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5697

  If it was a short time, then he still had time to rush back home to destroy the letter he had left for Xiao Churan, if a long time had passed, then he was afraid that his secret had already been known to Xiao Churan ……

  Lin Wan’er saw that he was nervous and quickly said, “Brother Ye Chen need not worry, Wan’er just heard the explosion in the southern suburbs and within a few seconds you appeared in the hot spring, so I think only half an hour or so has passed since then.”

  When Ye Chen heard this, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

  Lin Wan’er remembered something from his earlier mumbling and suddenly laughed, “Right, the elixir!”

  Saying this, she hurriedly got up and took out the three-quarters of the pills Ye Chen had left her from the wooden box at the head of the bed.

  Afterwards, she quickly returned to Ye Chen and handed the pills to his mouth, smiling, “Look, Brother Ye Chen, the pills you left for Wan’er have come in handy now!”

  Ye Chen said awkwardly, “I gave you something that you didn’t even use, how can I be bothered to eat it ……”

  Lin Wan’er smiled, “Brother Ye Chen doesn’t need to be polite to Wan’er, after all, Wan’er’s life was saved by you, not to mention that this elixir was also given by you.”

  Saying that, she did not wait for Ye Chen’s response and directly stuffed the elixir into Ye Chen’s mouth.

  The elixir instantly melted in his mouth, and the pure medicinal effect also instantly made Ye Chen feel more comfortable all over his body, and his body, which was originally completely immobile, slightly regained some of its ability to move.

  However, the injuries he had sustained were too heavy after all, and it was still difficult for such a small amount of potion to completely heal him, as the injuries to his bones, meridians and dantian were still very serious, and right now he had completely lost his fighting ability, fearing that he could not even defeat a three-year-old child.

  What’s more, the spiritual energy in his body had completely disappeared at this moment, and this kind of pills could not make up for it at all.

  Only by going back to the Champs-Elysées Spa Villa and fetching the Remodelling Pill and the Pui Yuen Pill could he recover completely.

  However, he could not care about the pills at the moment, as he still had many questions that he was counting on Lin Wan’er to be able to answer for him.

  Thus, he pursued the question once again, “Miss Lin, how exactly did I …… appear here?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled faintly and pointed to the ring he was wearing on his middle finger and said gently, “The reason why Brother Ye Chen appeared here is because you wore the ring that Wan’er gave you on your body.”

  Ye Chen glanced at the ring and asked with a tight frown, “But what does it have to do with all this?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled, “Of course it has something to do with it, because it is what sent you here to see Wan’er.”

  Hearing Lin Wan’er’s statement, Ye Chen was horrified!

  He subconsciously muttered, “A mere ring that can send a living person like me here?! How is this …… possible?!”

  Lin Wan’er laughed lightly and said seriously, “Brother Ye Chen, this ring did more than simply send you here, although Wan’er doesn’t know what all you just went through, what Wan’er can say for sure is that it saved your life.”

  Only then did Ye Chen come back to his senses and said offhandedly, “You’re right …… with my strength, it would have been impossible for me to escape by chance and still appear here alive, all thanks to this ring …… “

  Lin Wan’er nodded slightly and said with a smile, “This ring has a very powerful ability, that is, it can send you to the person you want to see the most at the moment you are in the most danger, no matter how far you are from her, as long as you think of her in your heart, the ring will make you appear in front of her immediately and out of thin air!”