Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5696

  He felt a chill run down his back almost instantly and asked in a weak but shocked voice, “No…… you…… you remember me?!”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and moved with difficulty towards the boudoir while holding the frail Ye Chen with force, while saying softly, “Brother Ye Chen saved Wan’er’s life in Northern Europe, Wan’er doesn’t dare to forget!”

  Ye Chen’s heart was in a state of shock!

  He murmured and asked, “Why …… do you still remember …… could it be …… could it be that you are also a cultivator?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled shyly, “Back to brother Ye Chen, Wan’er is not a cultivator, Wan’er just has a special physique and will not have her memory erased by you ……”

  After saying that, she felt the contact between her body and Ye Chen’s and said shamefacedly, “Brother Ye Chen don’t ask Wan’er questions first, after Wan’er has settled you down, she will tell you everything and dare not hide a single thing!”

  Ye Chen nodded gently.

  He knew that Lin Wan’er was struggling to hold herself, so he also thought that he would try to let his body use some of his strength to help Lin Wan’er share the burden.

  However, all over his body, apart from being able to open his eyes and speak, the rest was almost like paralysis, he could not do anything.

  But what made Ye Chen feel lucky was that although his body could not move a bit, he could still feel pain!

  The fact that he had pain meant that he was not paraplegic.

  It took the thin Lin Wan’er half an hour to carry Ye Chen back to his room, and with great difficulty, she brought him to his bedroom on the first floor and settled him carefully on his bed.

  Throughout the whole process, the two of them did not wear any clothes and their bodies were always held tightly together.

  Lin Wan’er was ashamed at first, but soon she stopped taking it seriously and just held Ye Chen wholeheartedly, moving his bruised body a little.

  The moment Ye Chen lay down, he accidentally saw Lin Wan’er’s red cheeks, the fine sweat on her forehead, and her perfect and uncovered body, and knowing full well that he should not look away, he hurriedly closed his eyes.

  Seeing this, Lin Wan’er was even more ashamed, but she could only pretend not to know, and put her thin blanket over Ye Chen’s body, and put two cushions behind him, so that he could lean on the bed.

  During this whole process, Ye Chen did not open his eyes again, which made Lin Wan’er’s heart a little warm.

  Only after settling down Ye Chen did she wrap a cotton and linen robe from the clothes rack at the foot of the bed and wrap her delicate body up.

  Afterwards, she quickly returned to the bedside, she sat on the floor at the head of the bed, looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Brother Ye Chen, how do you feel now?”

  Ye Chen heard the rustling sound of her dressing earlier and heard her asking in his ears, before he slowly opened his eyes.

  Although he knew that Lin Wan’er was by no means simple, he also knew that Lin Wan’er should not be his enemy, so he opened his somewhat dry and cracked lips and opened his mouth to ask, “Miss Lin …… why am I here?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled, “Before answering your question, let me check your pulse.”

  Saying that, she gently pulled Ye Chen’s right hand out of the nest, put her finger on Ye Chen’s pulse, and after taking his pulse, she spoke, “Brother Ye Chen’s internal injuries are very serious, but the good news is that they are not life-threatening.”

  Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “You know medicine?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded, “I know a little bit about everything, but only a little bit about the skin.”

  Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh: “Before I left, I specially brought many pills with me, but now I have nothing left ……”

  Saying that, he remembered something and hurriedly asked Lin Wan’er, “By the way, what month and time is it now?”

  Ye Chen didn’t know exactly how long it had taken for him to suddenly appear here.