Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5695

Counting from the moment he lost consciousness, Ye Chen did not know exactly how long he had been drifting in the void of space.

It was only when a faint light finally suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

At that moment, along with that faint light came a strong, sharp pain, as well as an extreme feeling of powerlessness.

This feeling of powerlessness could not even support him to open his eyes.

Soon, he felt his body, which seemed to be completely wrapped in a warmth, which relieved some of the severe pain he felt all over his body.

Immediately afterwards, he found that the warmth was pushing him to float upwards.

He then heard a familiar voice exclaiming in his ears, “Brother Ye Chen!”

This cry caused Ye Chen’s vision to gradually return.

When the weakened man opened his eyes and saw the person in front of him, his whole body was dumbstruck!

Because he suddenly discovered that the beautiful girl in front of him, soaking in the hot spring pool and revealing only a glimpse of her shoulders, was actually the mysterious Lin Wan’er!

Ye Chen was horrified! He felt as if he was having an unbelievable, illogical dream, and could no longer tell whether he was dead or alive.

Lin Wan’er looked at Ye Chen with a shocked look and smiled sweetly, saying in a gentle voice, “Brother Ye Chen, even Wan’er is not afraid, what are you afraid of?”

As Ye Chen looked at her pure, yet narrow smile, his heart was stunned, and he felt the severe pain in his body dissipate in an instant.

In addition to that, deep inside his heart, there was an inexplicable illusion that the years were quiet.

He couldn’t help but murmur, “Damn, I’m probably already dead …… but if I’m dead, then I’m dead, why would I see Lin Wan’er? She shouldn’t be dead too, right? It doesn’t make sense …… I clearly explained to her to stay honestly at school …… Could these just be post mortem hallucinations?”

After saying this, Ye Chen’s eyelids were sore and he couldn’t help but close his eyes again.

Immediately after that, Ye Chen then dazedly felt that a pair of delicate hands forcefully hugged and held himself from under his armpits.

And then, the other party’s body was also pressed tightly against his own.

He could even feel that the two soft plumpnesses in front of his opponent’s body were pressing against his chest at the moment.

And at that moment, the other party was still trying his best to lift him up from that warmth.

At the moment when he was almost being lifted out of the water, Ye Chen opened his eyes once again.

Seeing that the woman next to him was still Lin Wan’er, the sparse and confused Ye Chen couldn’t help but mutter, “What the hell is going on here …… Are you dead too?”

Lin Wan’er busily said, “Brother Ye Chen you are not dead, this is the place where Wan’er lives!”

As soon as he heard this, it was as if he was instantly struck by lightning, he looked around the week with wide eyes, and was even more shocked beyond addition!

He still remembered the moment when Uncle Changsheng suddenly transformed into a human nuclear bomb, and he himself was instantly hit hard and lost consciousness.

He thought he was going to die, but when he opened his eyes, he was in the hot spring pool in Lin Wan’er’s courtyard, and he was even naked and carried out of the pool by Lin Wan’er!

When Lin Wan’er saw that Ye Chen had suddenly opened his eyes, her pretty face immediately turned red to the roots behind her ears, she said in a panic: “Brother Ye Chen, don’t be nervous, you are absolutely safe here, all doubts will be explained to you by Wan’er when we get into the room!”

Ye Chen felt that his brain was already completely inadequate, he simply could not follow the logic of it.

And at this time, he suddenly remembered that the identity Lin Wan’er used to come to Jinling was Lin Xiaowan, while she had been using Wan’er to refer to herself after meeting herself.

Xiaowan and Wan’er, although they were only one word apart, had an extraordinary meaning to Ye Chen!