Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5694

 When Chen Zekai knocked on the door, Su Ruoli opened her eyes from her meditation and opened the door to see that it was Chen Zekai, so she asked curiously, “Mr. Chen wants to see me for something?”

Chen Zekai did not say anything, but held his mobile phone screen in front of her face.

When Su Ruoli saw the words on the phone screen, tears came to her eyes instantly.

On the screen was written: something has happened to the young master, please keep quiet and help gather the He family together to look for clues!

Su Ruoli did not say anything, but nodded heavily.

Soon, more than ten members of the He family gathered in a hurry, got into the helicopter headfirst and flew back towards the place where the incident happened.

When Su Ruoli saw the horrific scene, her heart felt as if it had been ripped out of her body, and she could not control her tears.

But she wiped away her tears as she joined the He family in their search for clues around the periphery of the circular explosion area.

A dozen people kept expanding their search, and had even searched within a one-kilometre radius of the centre of the explosion, but still found no trace of Ye Chen.

From the moment they began their search, none of them said a word, but the desperation that gripped every one’s heart at the moment ……


Time rewinds back to before the battle between Ye Chen and Chang Sheng Bo.

In the hot spring pool in the small courtyard on the top floor of the Purple Mountain Villa, gusts of water vapour were dense above the surface of the water.

The clear hot spring water was full of flower petals, and as a pair of jade hands gently plucked the petals, the water reflecting the moonlight immediately sparkled and looked beautiful.

Lin Wan’er, who has been in seclusion in the courtyard for several days and has not left the courtyard for half a step, is now dipping into the hot spring pool in the courtyard with her eyes slightly closed.

The warm water is halfway up her collarbone, while her flawless, slim, pink shoulders are exposed to the air.

She had originally planned to go back to her room to rest after a hot spring soak because the night was perfect and the moon was clear, but she hadn’t expected to hear the sound of thunder in the distance shortly afterwards.

To her, the sound of thunder was as unusual as the one that had shaken Jinling before, and not quite the result of a change in the weather.

Her heart was suddenly a little anxious and she murmured apprehensively, “Damn …… such intensive thunder, could it be related to Ye Chen?! Could …… it be that his calamity is tonight?”

She had just thought of this when, immediately afterwards, there was another loud burst that boomed and reverberated among the purple mountain!

Lin Wan’er’s face turned pale with fright at the explosion, and her heart was instantly lifted as if she was weightless!

A second later, she came back to her senses and immediately subconsciously turned to look at the bath towel she had placed on the smooth boulder by the hot spring pool.

She stretched out her white and delicate right hand and tried to pull the towel over.

But at that very moment, a sudden change occurred in the hot spring pool!

The water level of the pool was almost level with the edge of the pool, and the fresh hot spring water was slowly injected from the waterfall of the rockery, while the excess spring water slowly drained away along the smooth edge of the pool, forming a thin stream of water, keeping the water level in the pool at a slightly overflowing state.

But at that very moment, the water level in the pool suddenly spiked!

A huge amount of water emerged from nowhere, quickly overflowing the edge of the pool and flowing outwards in a torrent along the entire edge of the pool!

Lin Wan’er’s breathing and heart rate instantly increased, and her eyes stared deadly at the water in front of her, as if she was waiting for something.

The next second, a man covered in no pieces and covered in scars suddenly floated up from the water!

Lin Wan’er saw the man’s face, and it was the same Ye Chen who had saved her from the fire in Northern Europe like a divine soldier descending from heaven!