Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5691

  She knew that if Uncle Changsheng detonated the Mud Pill Palace today, both he himself and Ye Chen would already be dead, and this was the best chance for her to disappear into obscurity.

She was no longer willing to return to the Qing Breaking Society, nor to continue to work for Lord Ying, because this man was so terrifying to her that if she stayed with him, she would end up no better than Chang Sheng Bo.

If she stayed with him, she would be no better off than Chang Sheng Bo. Instead of that, she would rather vanish and find a suitable place to live out the rest of her two years in seclusion once she had recovered.

For her, two years of freedom would be better than another two hundred years with Lord Ying.

With this in mind, she fought back the pain and continued to crawl deeper into the mountain.


Time rewinds to three minutes ago.

The Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel, not far from the site of the explosion.

The An family had been arranged by Hong Wu in a mid-level villa that had been vacated earlier.

Hearing the sound of thunder not far away, the family all felt the unusual sound of the thunder, and all of them looked apprehensive and anxious, especially the old man, An Qishan, who was pacing back and forth in his room in a hurry, unable to stop for a moment.

Seeing this, Hong Wu hurriedly stepped forward and said comfortingly, “Old master, don’t worry, Master Ye is very powerful, this thunder must be the heavenly thunder called by Master Ye, I guess that killer has already been split into dust by Master Ye!”

An Qishan muttered, “You said that Chen’er could summon heavenly thunder?!”

“That’s for sure!” Hong Wu nodded heavily and said with a look of fascination, “Master Ye’s Heavenly Thunder, I have had the pleasure of seeing it several times, when the thunder comes, the sky is covered with dark clouds, lightning and thunder, the heavenly thunder descends from the sky, deafening, the earth shakes, it is simply like a heavenly god descending to earth!”

“This ……” The An family members were all dumbfounded, while An Qishan was also shocked: “How is this possible …… ”

Hong Wu smiled heatedly, “Ha! Old man, what is impossible, the reason why I think it is impossible, that is not understand the mystery, Master Ye said, summoning heavenly thunder, is the role of the formation, the formation of this thing, my personal understanding, is no different from atomic energy, we if anyone told a hundred years of people, only a palm-sized piece of radioactive material, made into an atomic bomb can level a city, he also find it impossible. ”

An Qishan was confused, while the old lady said, “I’m worried about Chen’s safety, Mr. Hong, can you arrange for a helicopter to go over and take a look, in case Chen needs help, we can also wish him the best ……”

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The old lady choked back tears as she wiped her eyes, “I am afraid that something will happen to Chen’er, he must have suffered too much in the past twenty years, I, as a grandmother, really don’t want him to be in any more danger ……”

An Qishan gently patted the old lady’s back and said comfortingly, “You don’t need to worry too much, Chen’er is now a person of great ability and is not at the same level as we are, even if we want to help him, we can’t do anything.

As soon as the words left his mouth, an earth-shattering explosion suddenly sounded outside the villa, a huge wave of sound that shattered the laminated tempered glass!

Everyone subconsciously squatted on the ground, and when the explosion had passed, the old lady suddenly felt a sharp pain in her heart and cried, asking, “What was that just now?! Is he …… going to be okay?”