Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5690

The violent and resounding explosion instantly spread throughout Jinling, even waking the whole city from the night.

And in the valley where the explosion occurred, the originally dense vegetation was destroyed by the blast in countless ways, creating a circular void with a radius of hundreds of metres!

Uncle Changsheng had completely lost any trace of his existence, his entire body had been completely vaporised, not even the slightest remnant remained.

As for the so-called death of the physical body and the birth of the soul, it was nothing more than a pretext, a blank cheque to trick them into dying generously.

It was only at the moment of his death that he realised that what Lord Ying had left inside their mud palace thirty years ago was not a formation that could preserve a wisp of soul, but a self-destructing formation of great power.

When they encountered a life-and-death situation, they thought it was a hope for rebirth, but they did not think that it was a means to die with their enemies.

And when the explosion occurred, Ye Chen, who was less than two metres away from Chang Sheng Bo, similarly disappeared without a trace.

On the ground, apart from Ye Chen’s shattered clothes, only a few pieces of giant clams the size of fingernail caps remained.

These fragments were originally Ye Chen’s soul-piercing blades.

And that Thunderbolt Order of his, which was refined from lightning striking wood, had long since been turned into a cloud of black ash in the explosion!

And at this moment, at the edge of this blankness with a radius of several hundred metres, a woman who had been seriously injured was struggling to crawl forward.

She, was Ding Yuan Bo Yun Ru Ge!

When the explosion occurred, Yun Ruge was not struck by the devastating blow at the centre of the blast because she was still ten feet away from the two men.

But her situation at that moment, too, was not good.

She was tossed out by the huge shockwave, and her physical state was no different from having lost most of her life.

Although she was still alive at the moment, it was not yet clear whether she would survive her serious injuries.

Yun Ruge struggled to crawl farther away while forcing herself to endure the severe pain, while panting and panting, yet cursing in a low voice that she could not control at all: “Damned Lord Ying …… has actually …… cheated us for a whole thirty years! ”

“After opening the Mud Pill Palace, where …… is the good thing that the physical body dies while the soul is born? It’s all bullshit to deceive …… people!”

“This son of a bitch …… is just …… just treating the four of us …… as human… …human bombs …… bombs ……”

“Lying to us that when we encounter a life and death crisis, we can leave a wisp of soul behind, take over and be reborn and give us hope for life ……”

“But in reality …… in reality this son of a bitch is trying …… to make us encounter a strong enemy …… when we encounter a life or death crisis …… open the mud palace …… and die with the enemy …… ……”

“This move is really …… brilliant …… because …… the enemy who can push us to the brink . …to that son of a bitch as well as the entire Broken Clear Society, will definitely be a big threat as well ……”

“And with this deception of opening the mud palace …… would allow the four of us, at the most crucial moment, to die with the enemy without hesitation, to die in order to solve all the hidden dangers for that son of a bitch ……! ”

“Ying Lord ah Ying Lord, Chang Sheng Bo is right, you are really …… too sinister!”

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but murmur, “The four of us have served you for years …… and yet you’ve never treated us like human beings, in your eyes, what’s the difference between us and those suicide bombers …… with explosives strapped all over them?! ”

Yun Ruge clenched her teeth and continued to crawl hard into the distance.