Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5689

  Lightning as thick as a hand’s arm immediately descended from the sky and struck directly at Chang Sheng Bo’s heavenly head!

Ye Chen had never let the Thunderstorm Order do its best before, but this time, he had already moved to kill!

Given his current state, this lightning bolt would surely kill him on the spot!

But strangely enough, when the incredibly powerful thunderstorm struck him directly on top of his head, it did not harm him in the slightest!

At this moment, Ye Chen’s eyebrows were locked as he suddenly discovered that there seemed to be an unbelievable amount of energy operating rapidly within Chang Shengbo’s body!

This kind of power was so powerful that it had exceeded his perception!

Yun Ruge in the dark did not notice anything unusual, and when she heard what Chang Sheng Bo said just now, she knew that Chang Sheng Bo had opened his Mud Pill Palace, and she was immediately relieved.

Although she didn’t deal with Chang Sheng Bo, but after Jian Gong Bo had died, it gave her a feeling that her lips were dead and her teeth were cold!

And the expression on Chang Sheng Bo’s face at this moment became even more hideous at an extremely fast pace!

It only took a second or two for the Mud Pill Palace to open, and he felt a blazing fire of incomparable heat ignite in his brain!

And that blaze, with the speed of a supernova explosion, grew bigger and stronger at breakneck speed!

And the pressure on his mud pellet was increasing!

It felt as if a huge mountain had been shoved into his brain!

The pain was so severe that it was comparable to the eighteenth level of purgatory!

Ye Chen was also aware of the great danger at this moment, he could feel that the raging energy in Chang Sheng Bo’s body was so powerful that it was unimaginable!

The change that happened in a short second made Ye Chen’s heart sink!

In his heart, he exclaimed, “Damn! Who has hidden such a formation inside him, is this going to turn him into a nuclear bomb?!”

At this thought, Ye Chen immediately subconsciously tried to escape from the danger!

And at this moment, Chang Sheng Bo was already tormented by the surging power in his head, he was twitching and hissing on the ground like a madman: “I …… my head is going to explode! Lord Ying …… you …… have such a poisonous heart!”

At the same time, Yun Ru Ge also noticed the abnormality, she was frightened by Chang Sheng Bo’s sudden change and screamed, fiercely got up and tried to retreat.

Ye Chen just took a step to escape, then heard a woman’s scream ten feet away, his afterimage glanced at the woman, his heart was even more appalled!

He had never thought that there was a woman hiding just ten feet away from him and Uncle Changsheng!

He had never thought that there would be a woman hiding just ten feet away from him and Uncle Changsheng, and he hadn’t even noticed it for so long!

In his heart, Ye Chen subconsciously reflected on himself, how could he be so careless?

At that moment, behind him, there was suddenly a loud, earth-shattering sound!

A loud boom!

Like an exploding atomic bomb, Uncle Changsheng’s entire body exploded into a wave of shock that overwhelmed the sea and spread rapidly and wildly in all directions!

Ye Chen only felt an extremely intense pain rapidly hit his body, and his whole body was instantly shaken out by this extremely powerful force!

He felt as if every inch of his body had been shattered, and his internal organs had been destroyed!

The impact of the explosion was so great that it was as if he had been pelted by a hundred-ton boulder from the sky!

Ye Chen knew that he would not be able to escape this time.

In his last moments of consciousness, he sighed in his heart: “Mom and Dad, my son was unfilial and failed to kill all my enemies, I hope you two in heaven won’t blame me ……”

The next moment, he was plunged into endless darkness and completely lost all consciousness!