Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5686

  The corners of Ye Chen’s mouth rose in contempt as he looked down at him and asked in a stern voice, “Old dog, when you killed my parents twenty years ago, did you ever think that this day would come!”

He had lived a hundred and fifty-six years, and by definition had lived long enough, and even if he died, he would be much happier than most people.

However, the greed of man never follows such a law.

It is often the case that the younger a man is, the more he is not afraid of death, and there are few young men who dare to fight to the death at the age of fifteen or sixteen; on the contrary, the older a man is, the more he fears death.

Even a man of cultivation like Uncle Changsheng is not exempt from this.

On the contrary, he was more afraid of death than most.

Seeing that Ye Chen had no compassion at all, Uncle Changsheng cried out, “Ye Chen, I was also following orders back then, and since Lord Ying had orders, I simply could not refuse! If you want to avenge your parents, you should also go and kill Lord Ying, not a nobody like me ……”

Ye Chen sneered, “What? Now you want to sell your master for glory? Fine, if you honestly tell me everything about the Broken Qing Society, I might be able to give you a painful death and make your death less ugly!”

Uncle Changsheng laughed miserably and asked him in return, “If I tell you everything, can you swear to the spirits of your parents that you will spare my life? If I can, I will tell everything!”

For Uncle Changsheng, to live one more day was one more day.

If betraying Lord Ying could be forgiven by Ye Chen, then he would have at least two more years to live before he died of poison.

As long as Ye Chen could use his parents’ spirit in heaven to swear to spare himself, and he could tell him everything he knew, he could still find a deserted place and wait quietly for his death in the remaining two years or so.

Ye Chen also really wanted to know more about the inner workings of the Qing Breaking Society, but he would not allow himself to spare Uncle Changsheng, let alone take an oath in his parents’ name only to go back on his word.

So, without any hesitation, he refused outright, “Whether you tell me today or not, I will not let you live! If you speak, you can die easier; if you don’t, I will make you taste all the pain and die!”

After saying that, Ye Chen spread his hands and shouted up to the sky, “Lei Lai!”

In a flash, another thunderbolt from the sky arrived with a bang!

It struck right at Uncle Changsheng’s right foot, splitting his ankle into black!

Uncle Changsheng’s face twisted in pain and he screamed in agony!

His veins were rippling and he hissed uncontrollably, “Ye Chen! After I die, you will never again know the details of your parents’ death! You will never again know what brought your parents into office, or what kind of a monster you are facing! I admit, your tactics are impressive, but in front of Lord Ying, you are nothing more than a small skill!”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t say anything, I’m going to kill that Ying Lord myself sooner or later anyway, and when that happens, I won’t keep anyone from the Broken Clear Society who is related to the death of my parents!”

After saying that, Ye Chen did not wait for his reaction and shouted again, “Lei Lai!!!”

The next moment, Chang Sheng Bo’s left foot was also completely ruined!

At this moment, he had become a handless and legless invalid!

This miserable state made Yun Ru Ge in the shadows a little unbearable to watch.

When she saw that the arrogant Uncle Changsheng was suffering from this ordeal, she could not help but feel a sense of intolerance and sympathy for him as the rabbit died and the fox died.

But she knew that Uncle Changsheng would die today!

Her own strength was still a long way from Chang Sheng Bo’s. Moreover, Chang Sheng Bo had a magic weapon, but she did not.

Even Uncle Changsheng was no match for Ye Chen, so even if she went out to help him, she would only be sending him to his death together!

At this moment, her mind suddenly thought of what Lord Ying had once said thirty years ago, and she could not help but see her eyes light up and shout anxiously in her mind, “Uncle Changsheng, quick! Quickly open the Mud Pill Palace!”