Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5684

  The two blades were smashed to dust by Ye Chen’s fists!

The only thing he had on his body was a pair of red trousers, but he had just run out ten feet away!

These two explosions were distinctly different from the explosions made when the sword blade was collided with the Soul Piercing Blade, they were more like the sound made by the sword blade hitting the target’s flesh!

“Could it be that …… Could it be that Ye Chen didn’t dodge my sneak attack?!”

As soon as he thought this, Chang Sheng Bo was overjoyed!

He subconsciously looked back to see if Ye Chen had been wounded by the two sword blades, if that was the case, he himself would be able to take advantage of the situation and perhaps be able to behead Ye Chen!

However, the moment he turned his head back, he realized that Ye Chen’s angular, cold face was less than two battles away from him!

Ye Chen, surprisingly, was catching up!

At this moment, Chang Sheng Bo was scared out of his mind, and he turned back to try his best to escape, only to hear Ye Chen behind him shout once again, “Lei Lai!!!”

In the next second, Uncle Changsheng felt another thunderbolt strike him precisely in the sky!

His legs went limp and his body lost its balance as he ran wildly, stumbling a few steps before his body fell to the ground uncontrollably.

The lightning struck his red trousers to pieces and even turned all the hair on his body into ashes and burned his skin!

Since Uncle Changsheng had run back ten feet and rolled back several times, he was now less than ten feet away from Yun Ruge, who was hiding in the shadows.

When Yun Ruge saw his wretched appearance, he subconsciously closed his eyes and dared not look at him again.

The naked Uncle Changsheng was sitting on the grass, but he only felt a sweetness in his throat and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Although his body was not fatally injured, it was on the verge of collapse, just like a weightlifter who has exhausted his strength, and it was difficult for his body to exert any more strength in a short period of time.

Right now, how could Chang Sheng Bo still have the vigour he had just now?

His limbs were still twitching from the electricity, and with no clothes on, he looked like a lecherous old pervert.

The wooden sword in his hand had even fallen to the ground because of the uncontrollable trembling.

Seeing him in such a sorry state, Ye Chen couldn’t help but think in his heart, “Lin Wan’er said I was in danger, but this old dog is no match for me at all, could it be that she had miscalculated?”

Thinking of this, he stopped thinking about the trigrams and instead walked up to Uncle Changsheng, looked down at him and asked in a cold voice, “When you killed my parents twenty years ago, did you ever think that today would come!”

Uncle Changsheng looked dumbly at Ye Chen in front of him, and seeing that he was still unchanged, unable to see the slightest change, a great sense of fear and despair suddenly surged in his heart.

For the first time in his hundred years of cultivation, he felt the fear of death.

Deep inside his heart, an intuition suddenly surged up, that his hundred years of dao might be broken in Ye Chen’s hands.

Twenty years ago, he had killed his father, was he really going to die at his hands today, twenty years later?