Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5682

  But Ye Chen’s own Thunderstorm Order was as large or as small as he wanted it to be!

He didn’t want to kill Uncle Changsheng so soon, so he specially controlled the application of his aura, and this strike of heavenly thunder didn’t bring too much damage to Uncle Changsheng.

But even so, Uncle Changsheng’s hair was blown into a chicken’s nest by the thunder, his face was pitch-black, even his daoist robe became ragged, his body was painful and numb, and his whole body stood uncontrollably twitching in place.

Seeing him in such a wretched state, Ye Chen smiled and asked, “Well, I didn’t lie to you, did I?”

At this moment, Yun Ru Ge, who was hiding twenty feet away in the shadows, was already so frightened that her face was pale, she had never dreamed that this man in black could manipulate the heavenly thunder! She had never imagined that the powerful Uncle Changsheng would be so unbeatable in front of the man in black!

And she couldn’t help but wonder in her heart what she should do next.

If she rushed out to help him, she was afraid that she was no match for the man in black, and besides, he had always been above all others, and he had no respect for the other three Counts.

But she didn’t know how she would explain herself if she didn’t help, and how she would explain herself if the British Lord asked her about it.

After thinking about it, she decided that she should continue to watch from the shadows for the time being, as she had the method of hiding her scent taught by Lord Ying, so she should be able to hide from detection.

If Uncle Changsheng unfortunately died tonight at the hands of the man in black, she would report the truth to Lord Ying, and even if Lord Ying blamed her, it would not be a death sentence, and it would be better than risking death!

If Uncle Changsheng is lucky enough to escape, he can simply use the excuse that the signal was blocked and he went to find it himself!

He knew that he had tried his best to dodge the lightning, but he was still struck by the lightning in the sky!

Moreover, Uncle Changsheng also knew that the only spell he could cast from a distance was the blade of the wooden sword of Lord Ying, while Ye Chen’s spell was similar to the invisible blade of the sword, and there was also the heavenly thunder that descended directly from the sky!

Thinking of this, Uncle Changsheng clenched his teeth and shouted coldly, “Kid! Today, either you die or I die!”

As he said that, he poured his aura into his legs and performed the shifting technique taught by Lord Ying, rushing towards Ye Chen at a strange speed, like a space jump!

The greatest advantage of this technique was that the trajectory was erratic and difficult to find a pattern, which not only made it difficult for the opponent to hurt himself, but also allowed him to take advantage of the opportunity to shorten the distance between him and his opponent.

Although he had lost out with his magic weapon, Uncle Changsheng was convinced that with his physical body, which he had cultivated for hundreds of years, and his aura, which had been cultivated for decades and was becoming more and more refined, once he got close to him, there was no way that Ye Chen, a brat, could be his opponent!