Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5677

At this moment, Ye Chen was flying all the way, leading Uncle Changsheng towards the mountains.

The two of them were extremely fast, and even on top of the tree lined, undulating hills, they were able to walk as fast as if they were on level ground.

He had already exerted all his strength and was clinging to Ye Chen, running with his eyes wide open and concentrating on avoiding the trees and rocks around him.

However, even though he tried his best, Ye Chen kept a steady and safe distance from him, a distance that made him so frustrated that he could only chase after him, but could not take the opportunity to attack him.

This was because whether he used the wooden sword given by Lord Ying or the lightning wood he had bought from Zhang Ermao, he would need to sink his mind into running his aura and activating the formation, and the slightest distraction might undo all his work.

So, while walking and fighting is still possible, running and fighting is a little more difficult, but not impossible.

But if you want to run like a monkey in the mountains like you are doing now, while also concentrating on using magic treasures to cast spells, it would be difficult for Uncle Changsheng.

Seeing that Ye Chen kept running towards the mountain, although he knew that Ye Chen wanted to lure himself to a deserted place and then fight with him to the death, he had no other choice but to chase him to the end.

This was the place he had chosen long ago for the duel, as it was far from the city and uninhabited, so even if there was a lot of noise, there was no need to worry about attracting outside attention.

When Ye Chen reached the middle of the valley’s hinterland, he suddenly stopped and turned around, his eyes staring deadly at Uncle Changsheng, who was gradually approaching, and said in a cold voice: “You old dog has good stamina!”

Standing at a distance of about twenty metres from Ye Chen, Uncle Changsheng looked at Ye Chen’s face through the dappled moonlight and said with a fierce smile, “I really didn’t expect that Ye Changye’s son would have mastered aura in just twenty years! It seems that Lord Ying was right in his speculation that your short-lived parents had indeed explored the secret of longevity back then!”

Ye Chen’s brows knitted slightly as he questioned, “You’re saying that my parents also know about aura?”

Uncle Changsheng froze, and then laughed, “It seems that your parents died too early, they didn’t have time to tell you many things, back then they entered the Everlasting Land and took the Secret of Everlasting Life, they thought they could hide it from the world, but they were still discovered by Lord Ying, fortunately I killed them both early, otherwise, if they were given a few more decades, maybe even Lord Ying was not Ye Changsheng’s opponent.”

Ye Chen’s heart was instantly appalled!

He could never have imagined that his own parents, too, had something to do with aura!

At this moment, a cold smile wiped across the corner of Uncle Changsheng’s mouth as he spoke, “Today is really a double joy, since you have mastered the spirit energy, you must have obtained the secret of longevity left behind by your parents, if you don’t want to die too painfully, hand over Lin Wan’er’s ring, along with the secret of longevity!”

Ye Chen stared closely at Uncle Changsheng and asked, “Old dog, what is the Secret of Everlasting Life?”

Uncle Changsheng laughed shamefully, “Kid, you’re still playing dumb here at the end of your life, you think I’ll fall for your trick?”

Ye Chen’s eyebrows were like swords, his gaze like a torch, and he said with a single word: “You will die by my hand today! Why should I play dumb to a man who is bound to die? I might as well tell you that I am no more merciful than you in the way I kill people! If you tell me everything you know today, I may be able to give you a good time!”

Uncle Changsheng suddenly remembered the words that Ye Chen had just subconsciously blurted out, so he asked with a puzzled expression, “Since you don’t know that your parents are proficient in aura, where did you get your aura from? Who led you into the Way!?”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “I led myself into the path myself!”