Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5675

  Thinking of this, she was so anxious that she once again took out her mobile phone, seeing the three words No Service displayed on that phone, her heart was burning with anxiety for a while.


The time rewinds to five minutes ago.

Before Ye Chen had arrived at Wan Liu Villa, Yun Ru Ge was here halfway up the mountain and saw with his own eyes that Chang Sheng Bo had killed his way into the villa.

When Yun Ruge saw him enter the villa like nobody’s business, he thought that he would be able to kill the An family and take the lead tonight, and that he would only have to observe from the shadows and report to Lord Ying later.

However, she never expected that just as he entered the villa, a helicopter would come from the other side of the mountain and fly directly over the villa in the centre of Willow Villa.

Before she knew it, a black shadow jumped out of the helicopter at this moment.

The point is that the helicopter was still in a fast dive and was descending at a fast speed, plus it was still a few dozen metres above the ground, but she didn’t think that after the man leapt down, his body could still land firmly on the ground!

The moment the man hit the ground, the helicopter immediately pulled up with full force, and the black shadow didn’t even have a half-hearted cushion, but directly stepped into the villa!

Just by seeing the man’s leap and the way he was unaffected after landing, Yun Ruge immediately decided that he must be a master, and a master of aura!

The first thought that flashed through her mind was that there was still a powerful enemy in Jinling, and she had to alert Uncle Changsheng in a hurry.

But then she thought that she had been ordered by Lord Ying to spy on him quietly, so if she were to alert him, she would be betraying Lord Ying.

So, at that moment, she subconsciously took out her mobile phone and planned to report to Lord Ying immediately.

But when she pulled out her mobile phone, she realised that her mobile phone had no signal in the open mid-levels!

What she didn’t know was that at this moment, the helicopter that had pulled up to an altitude of one or two kilometres and was hovering right above Wanliu Villa had already switched on the high-powered jamming equipment that had been prepared in advance.

With its continuous interference from high above, even within a radius of three to five kilometres, the mobile phone signal was subject to powerful interference and no network connection was possible, not to mention the Wanliu Villa.

At the same time, Hong Wu’s men had cut the communication cables at the bottom of the mountain, disconnecting the wired telephone and wired network of the entire Man Liu Villa.

This was a deliberate arrangement by Ye Chen, he did not know if that Earl of the Broken Clear Society, had some kind of one-way connection with their Ying Master, in case he had some kind of device on him that could transmit information to the Ying Master in real time, or even audio and video in real time, that would be a potential threat to himself.

And it was this arrangement that Ye Chen had not expected to put Yun Ru Ge, who was hiding in the shadows, into a passive position all of a sudden.

She could not take it upon herself to inform Uncle Changsheng, nor could she report to and consult the Ying Master about his decision, so she could only hold down her inner tension and decided to observe from the shadows first.

While she was in a dilemma, Lord Ying, who was 10,000 miles away, was also staring at the location information transmitted from 10,000 miles away.

On the screen in front of Lord Ying was a high-definition satellite map of the Manliu Villa. Relying on the latest data from Google, the satellite map Lord Ying saw had been taken and updated just last month, and the satellite photos were taken in daylight with such clarity that he could even see every tile on the top floor of the villa.