Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5672

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “As for today, to be honest, the main purpose of my arrival here is not to save people, but to kill you!”

Chang Sheng Bo’s gaze flinched, “Kill me? Just by you?!”

Ye Chen laughed: “Not only will I kill you, I will also kill the two remaining Earls of the Qing Breaking Society, and then I will break that bullshit British Lord into pieces! You, on the other hand, are just a small vegetable on my road to revenge!”

Uncle Changsheng sneered sinisterly, “If that’s the case, then I’ll wait until I’ve killed your grandparents’ family before I compete with you!”

Ye Chen sneered, “If you want to come, come now, I will leave first if you don’t come.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Oh yes, I’ve written down your face today, I’m afraid it won’t be so easy for you to find me again in the future! Or maybe I’ll be the one to find you in the future! Whether you want to come or not, you think about it yourself!”

After saying that, Ye Chen immediately turned around and darted outwards at great speed without looking back.

He was not betting on whether or not Uncle Changsheng would immediately chase him out without hesitation, but rather he knew and was absolutely certain that Uncle Changsheng would immediately chase him out without hesitation!

The reason why he was so confident was because when Ye Chen dodged his sword blade just now, he had already deliberately let him see his extremely swift stance.

And Ye Chen believed that this Uncle Changsheng must also understand that with his strength, it would be no easy task to catch up with him.

If he didn’t lose even half a second, he might have a fifty-fifty chance of catching up, but if he was distracted for even a second, it would be absolutely impossible to catch up.

And if he wanted to kill so many people, it wouldn’t be that easy!

Even if the An family’s men were weak, it would take time for him to use his magic weapon to cast his sword blade, and it would take at least ten seconds for him to use it to kill his acquaintances, so he must know very well that he could only choose between killing and chasing!

As expected, Ye Chen was right!

The moment he darted out the door, Uncle Changsheng didn’t hesitate at all and immediately chased after him!

To him, the lives and deaths of the An family members were of no importance in front of that ring!

Besides, he felt that the An family members were no longer capable of much, so if he went after them and killed Ye Chen and took the ring, they wouldn’t be able to escape much further!

Moreover, the An family members were unprotected, so he could completely kill Ye Chen and then kill back and finish off all the An family members after he killed them.

That way, not only did he get the ring, but he also killed the An family and Ye Chen, which was the same as completing the three missions given by Lord Ying at once!

However, if he really let Ye Chen escape, then he would have lost a lot of money! Not only would he have exposed his identity, but he would have missed the great opportunity to get the ring!

So he didn’t even need to consider whether to chase or not to chase, let alone dwell on whether Ye Chen had transferred the tiger away from the mountain, because he knew that going after him with all his might was his only choice!