Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5667

  In his excitement, he pointed the wooden sword in his hand at the crowd and said coldly, “No one answered, did they? Since no one has answered, I will have to choose one person and behead him in front of you, so as to make an example of you!”

After saying that, he saw An Youyou, who was dressed very sensually, and sneered, “This girl must be the second daughter of the An family, An Youyou, right?”

An Youyou questioned warily, “What do you want?

Uncle Changsheng sneered, “I want to teach your parents and brothers a lesson, and the lesson is called ‘The Consequences of Refusing to Cooperate’.”

With that, he immediately waved his wooden sword, and the invisible blade instantly slashed at An Youyou.

An Youyou felt a gust of wind in his face, and as if he had been cast into a stasis, he could not move at all.

In the nick of time, Li Yalin suddenly slammed a teacup on the ground and shouted, “Fucking dog! If you still want to find out Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts and her ring, stop it right now!”

The pupils of Chang Sheng Bo suddenly shrank, his hand movements instantly stopped, and he looked at Li Yalin with an incredulous face, asking out of turn, “What are you ……? How do you know the name Lin Wan’er? How do you know her ring? Say! What exactly is your relationship with her!”

Li Yalin didn’t think that the words Ye Chen had taught himself would actually work!

Seeing that the other party had stopped completely, he was relieved in his heart and said without flinching on the surface, “You don’t deserve to know what I am yet!”

With a gloomy expression, Uncle Changsheng said, “If you are sensible, then tell me everything you know about Lin Wan’er and that ring, or else I will make your life worse than death!”

Li Yalin sneered, “What? Threatening me? I tell you, if you dare to hurt anyone here today, you will never be able to find out where Lin Wan’er is in your life!”

In his heart, Uncle Changsheng was both nervous and excited, nervous because he was just one step away from completing Lord Ying’s mission, and if he came with a 10,000-arrow attack, all the An family members present would definitely be killed by his sword qi.

And he was excited that he had actually found a clue related to Lin Wan’er!

Could it be that this time he had come to Jinling, he was going to return with a full load?

Thinking of this, he immediately walked in front of Li Yalin with great strides, and with great speed, he put Li Yalin’s neck in a one-handed chokehold, then lifted him into mid-air and said in a cold voice: “You don’t know aura, nor are you a martial artist, how did you know the three words Lin Wan’er? Say, who told you this!”

Li Yalin was lifted up by the choke and soon held his face full of black and purple, but he still forced himself to endure the severe pain, gave a cold smile to Chang Sheng Bo and said with a contemptuous look with difficulty, “Have …… the guts to kill me!”

Chang Sheng Bo said coldly: “Do you think I dare not?!”

Li Yalin sneered and gritted his teeth, “Then try it! I’ll see if you dare!”

Chang Sheng Bo clenched his teeth for a moment and continued with a face full of viciousness, “To tell you the truth, my mission here today is to take the lives of the An family! And now, this mission is only this final step away from success!”

“After destroying the An family, if I can find Lin Wan’er, it will naturally be the icing on the cake; even if I can’t, destroying the entire An family today will be a great achievement!”

“So, don’t think that if you know Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts, I’ll be lenient with you, but on the contrary, if you don’t tell me Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts within three seconds, I’ll be the first to kill you!”

At this moment, a young man’s voice came from the doorway, “Just an old dog, you still want to destroy the whole An family, old man, you have a big mouth!”