Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5666

  They couldn’t have imagined that their own family had just experienced a crisis that almost wiped out their family in New York some time ago, and that the other side would come after them in China so quickly!

Ye Chen’s third uncle An Zhaonan said somewhat nervously, “Dad and mum, I’m afraid it’s fatal this time, you two should go through the back door first!”

An Chongqiu also reacted and hurriedly said, “Yes dad, you and mum go first, we’ll stay here and keep watch!”

The old man, An Qishan, snorted coldly, “Go? Where are you going? No matter who’s coming, his target is our family, there’s no way any of us can get away!”

After saying that, he looked at Li Yalin and spoke, “Yalin, this is a matter for our An family, we already dragged you into it once last time, this time we absolutely cannot let you be implicated again, you go first, the other party is targeting us, it has nothing to do with you.”

Li Yalin smiled helplessly and said seriously, “Uncle An, last time I listened to you and left first, that’s why I was beaten into a hornet’s nest with a gun, on the contrary, those of you sitting in the box were not in danger, today you still want me to leave first, it’s not appropriate, right?”

An Qishan blurted out, “Yalin! I’m not joking with you! The situation is different this time, so get out of here before they kill you! You’ll be safe if you leave the Manliu Villa!”

Li Yalin shook his head and laughed, “Uncle An, you are lucky, so it’s safest for me to stay with you!”

An Qishan became anxious and cursed, “Why are you so soft and hard? If anything happens to you because of my An family, how can I explain to your short-lived old man?”

At that moment, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open and a cold voice came out, “Leave? Hmph, none of you will leave today!”

The crowd looked at the person who had come and saw that the other party was an old man in a long shirt with a slim figure, and they were all a little shocked for a moment.

An Qishan looked at Chang Sheng Bo and questioned in a loud voice, “Who are you?”

Uncle Changsheng smiled coldly and looked around the room, saying with a face full of arrogance, “My name is Xu Changqing, you can call me Changsheng Zhenren, or you can call me Uncle Changsheng.”

An Qishan frowned and asked, “If you claim to be a true man and are not practising in the Taoist temple, why have you come here to kill innocents indiscriminately?”

Uncle Changsheng laughed and said, “Who says that a true man cannot kill? Today, I, Chang Qing Zhen Ren, am going to go on a killing spree here, and none of you will be able to escape!”

After saying that, he suddenly frowned as if he had been electrocuted and said out loud with wide eyes, “How come there is a faint presence of spiritual energy here ……?!”

The formation that Ye Chen had laid with the Spring Return Pill was still running silently in this villa.

The An family and Li Yalin could only feel that the whole person living here was refreshed and in a better state, but they did not know that there was actually a faint spiritual qi and medicinal effects of the Spring Return Pill permeating the air here.

Therefore, when Uncle Changsheng suddenly opened his mouth to question them, the An family members were all puzzled and had no idea what the aura he was talking about was.

And at that moment, it was as if Uncle Changsheng had discovered a new continent, and he was thrilled beyond words!

He didn’t know anything about formations, and for a while he didn’t know exactly where the spirit formation Ye Chen had laid was, and thought that the villa naturally had spirit veins.

It was the end of the age, and it was difficult to find spiritual energy in nature, but Uncle Changsheng did not expect that such a villa made of reinforced concrete would be filled with a faint spiritual energy!

If this spiritual energy was always present, then if he stayed here to cultivate, he would definitely get twice the result with half the effort!