Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5664

  That Ah Zu hurriedly said, “Of these sixteen, fourteen of them all joined in the late winter of February twenty years ago, while their previous director, Zhang Youde, joined in the autumn of November twenty years ago, and apart from the fifteen of them, the last woman to join, who joined in the winter of December twenty years ago, will also have completed twenty years in another three months. “

Mrs. Ann looked horrified!

She almost instantly burst into tears and choked out, “Chengqi and Changyang, left Yanjing twenty years ago in March to come to Jinling, and their accident …… was at the end of October …… Chen’er also disappeared at the end of October ……”

The old man, An Qishan, stood up excitedly and said in a somewhat incoherent voice, “This must be Chang Ying’s arrangement! He has always been good at doing things for a rainy day, those fourteen people came even earlier than him and Chengqi, which proves that he had already started laying out in Jinling before he even moved!”

As he said that, he sounded even more agitated and said in a trembling voice, “He must have known that he and Chengqi’s visit to Jinling would be fatal, so he planted his own people in the orphanage in advance. After his and Chengqi’s accident, the other party must have sent Chen’er to this orphanage using a method that had been rehearsed an unknown number of times in advance! Over the years, so many people have come to Jinling to search for Chen’er, but no one would have thought that he was living in Jinling, right under the noses of these people!”

At this point, he said with a lot of emotion, “Who would have thought that Chen’er, who everyone was trying to find by digging into the ground, would have been placed in an orphanage where nothing unusual could be seen on the surface? This trick not only managed to hide from all those who were looking for Chen’er, but even Chen’er himself, I’m afraid, has been hidden for a long time!”

Old Mrs. An said with tears streaming down her face and excitement, “Then this means that Chen’er has always been in Jinling, and is even in Jinling at this moment!”

The old man shook his head and poured cold water over him, “I am sure that Chen’er has been living in Jinling for a long time, otherwise these dozen people from the orphanage would not have stayed here until last year, but I am not sure if Chen’er is still in Jinling at this moment, after all those people left last year, does that mean that Chen’er has also left Jinling? ”

An Chongqiu blurted out, “Dad and Mom! Tomorrow we’ll follow the identities of these sixteen people and dig to the end! If, as you say, these are the people who took care of Chen’er as he grew up, I don’t believe we can’t dig out Chen’er’s whereabouts from them!”

“Right!” An Chongqiu was also overjoyed and blurted out, “Tomorrow, oh no! I’ll have someone provide all their information tonight first!”

“Yes! Yes!” The old man was also so excited that he burst into tears, muttering, “Twenty years …… my eldest grandson, grandpa I’ve finally found a clue about you!”

After saying that, he looked up to the sky and sighed long, “Chengqi, Chang Ying, you guys left a back door for Chen’er twenty years ago, but you didn’t even tell me, in your hearts, how much do you really distrust me?”

Just as Old Master An Qishan was sighing with a sigh of relief, there was a sudden shout from outside the window, “There’s a killer! Quickly protect your Lordship and Madam!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he heard a clear and pleasant sound of a sword whistling around the villa, and in a flash, many people screamed at the same time, and the smell of blood immediately enveloped the whole villa from all around!

Li Yalin’s heart stuttered and his heart was horrified: “The formidable enemy Mr. Ye said was really here!”