Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5662

  On the side, Mrs. An spoke out to comfort him at this time, “Kai Feng, you should not be discouraged, after all, Chen’er has been missing for twenty years, it is impossible for us to find him in just a few days, I told you before coming here, this matter of searching for Chen’er, it might be another twenty years.”

An Kaifeng nodded slightly and said firmly, “Mom, don’t worry, in my heart now, the search for Chen’er is at the top of the list.”

On the side, An Youyou suddenly remembered something and said, “Right mum, I found a rather strange thing, it feels a bit abnormal, you and dad, as well as big brother, second brother and third brother, help me analyze it together.”

The old lady said, “You can tell me.”

An Youyou said, “I investigated the situation of the Jinling orphanage today and wanted to find out if there was any information about Chen’er among the orphans they had rescued over the years. I think it’s a bit strange, it’s not unusual for welfare institutions to have personnel changes, but to have a complete change of staff all of a sudden is a bit unbelievable, what do you think?”

Senior An Qishan frowned and said, “An orphanage, even the management and the executive end below, must have a dozen or even two dozen people, even if the entire management is replaced, the executive end below should not be replaced as well, right? After all, the orphanage itself still has to operate, so it’s obviously not reasonable to do so.”

An Youyou nodded and said, “I think so too, this kind of big blood change obviously goes against common sense, so I always feel that the previous group of people must have left en masse for some special reason.”

At this moment, Li Yalin, who had been a little distracted by his nerves, suddenly lit up and slapped his thighs in surprise, “This clue that Youyou said is too important!”

The old man smiled and asked, “Yalin, give a specific analysis.”

Li Yalin looked at the old man’s expectant eyes and was instantly caught in a struggle and hesitation.

He couldn’t help but think in his heart, “Mr. Ye said that the An family is in danger today, and if there is really danger, I believe Mr. Ye will not sit idly by and wait for death. Wouldn’t they have to wait indefinitely again?”

Then he thought, “Yo Yo has obviously grasped the key point this time, but she just didn’t understand the connection for a while, if I follow her lead and remind her, then even if Mr. Ye doesn’t show up tonight, or continues to conceal his identity, it will be much easier to find him by following the trail of the orphanage! And I’m only leading with a few words on Yo Yo’s point of view, Mr Ye shouldn’t be blamed, right?”

Thinking of this, Li Yalin made up his mind to give the An family some hints, so he said in a serious analysis, “All of you are more experienced than me in business management, I’m sure you all know very well that this kind of complete and total blood change at the top and bottom is impossible to happen in any business or any unit;”

“Even if this old team is strong in cohesion, it is impossible to achieve unity among all from top to bottom, not to mention an orphanage, even if it is a well-trained army, there will inevitably be deserters and traitors;”

“But like YoYo said, this team left en masse last year without a single person left, and if you think about it deeply, you can see that this team has a very strong organisational discipline, and may even have reached the standard of a paramilitary team, but this kind of team, it is absolutely impossible to polish it without cultivating it with all your strength for a long time, and how can it appear in an ordinary orphanage in an ordinary orphanage?”