Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5661

9pm, Manlyu Lodge.

At this time, the An family had just had dinner and were calling Li Yalin to join them in the living room to analyse the clues they had gathered in the last few days.

The old man, An Qishan, had been guarding the villa for the past few days without leaving an inch. His health had improved greatly, and his memory had not only not deteriorated any more, but he had gradually recovered the forgotten parts.

What’s more, after his condition gradually recovered, his entire thinking logic has improved tremendously, and he has regained his old style and aura of planning and directing.

At this family meeting, An Chongqiu first introduced the progress of his cooperation with the Song Group.

An Chongqiu said: “Our cooperation with the Song family has now officially entered the negotiation process. Starting today, the legal teams of both sides are negotiating around the details of the cooperation, mainly to finalise the specific terms of the cooperation, but because our An family has come with twelve percent sincerity this time, the atmosphere of the negotiations is very cordial. As soon as the terms are finalised and the signing is completed, the cooperation can start immediately.”

The old man nodded gently and spoke, “Given the current situation, this Song Group, is of great significance to our An Family, since the benefactor took the initiative to leave this clue about the Song Group, he must have wanted to reveal some information about his identity to us through the Song Family, in addition to wanting us to pull the Song Family’s strings.”

The old man looked at his second son, An Kaifeng, and said, “In theory, Kaifeng is responsible for all the An family’s external business cooperation, but this time is a special case, as the cooperation with the Song family is not purely a business project, but a door knocker for the An family. Chongqiu will be responsible for following up to the end!”

An Qishan has always pursued harmony and unity within his family, which is why he has given his children a different division of labour, so that each of them has a clear mandate.

The purpose of this was that when the children were united, they could penetrate and help each other at all levels, while when they were not united, they could monitor each other and even restrain each other.

This time, although he knew that An Chongqiu was responsible for pushing forward the cooperation project with the Song Group, he still had to make his reasons and justifications for doing so clear, even though he knew that An Kaifeng had no opinion.

An Kaifeng naturally knew his father’s intentions, but it was a good thing that he was not half upset about his elder brother being in charge of this project. After all, these children of the An family had always been very united, and in earlier years, under the influence of their eldest sister An Chengqiu, their younger siblings had already achieved closeness, although the fact that they each had their own families had somewhat distracted them from investing energy and time in each other, but the death of An Chengqiu, and the fact that the An family was nearly destroyed by the Broken Qing Society’s extermination, both made the An family become more united.

At this moment, An Kaifeng also cleared his throat and spoke, “Dad, in the past few days, I have taken Yo Yo along and carefully combed through all walks of life in Jinling, especially the public transport department, the social welfare department and the household registration department back then, but so far, I haven’t found any information related to Chen’er.”

The old man sighed softly, a result that he had expected.