Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5657

  Zhang Ermao also had a similarly regretful face, “There’s no way out Grand Master, let’s work together again when we have the chance in the future.”

He also said, “By the way, can’t you wait until seven o’clock? If I can’t, I’ll try to get you a job later. If I can, I’ll come to you at the Holiday Inn!”

Uncle Changsheng had lost hope in his heart, but when he heard Zhang Ermao’s words, he nodded in relief and said, “I will be at the Holiday Inn until seven o’clock.”

“Good!” Zhang Ermao nodded heavily and said, “I’ll be there as soon as there’s news!”

The reason why Ye Chen had asked Zhang Ermao to use a large batch of goods the day after tomorrow to tempt and test Chang Shengbo was to stimulate him to the maximum, as a way to see if this deadline, tonight, was really unchangeable.

If, in front of the five eight magic weapons, Chang Sheng Bo still couldn’t wait, then it would prove that this time was set dead for him by Lord Ying, and there would definitely be no room for change.

At this moment, a disappointed Chang Shengbo, after saying goodbye to Zhang Ermao, left the Antique Street in a dejected manner.

He knew that if Zhang Ermao’s superior still had the magic weapon in his hand, he would have no chance with it, and in these next few hours, he would have to go back and get ready to head to Wan Liu Villa tonight and kill all the An family members.

A few minutes later, Ye Chen also received a message from Zhang Ermao, the message was in one sentence: the buyer could not wait until the day after tomorrow.

Seeing this, Ye Chen knew that Uncle Changsheng’s move against Grandpa and Grandma’s family tonight was already a done deal.

At this moment, the surveillance showed that Uncle Changsheng had just returned to the hotel and had not made any other moves for the time being, but Ye Chen was already a bit restless.

He asked his men to keep an eye on his every move, and then drove back to his home in Townsend.

Back in the couple’s bedroom, Ye Chen took out a pen and paper and left a letter for Xiao Churan.

In this letter, Ye Chen succinctly expounded on his life, and also expressed his apologies for deceiving Xiao Churan for so long.

In the last paragraph of the letter, Ye Chen instructed Xiao Churan that if she was in danger, she should go to the Mid-Levels Villa of the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel, take the pills he had left there from the safe, and then take her parents and leave Jinling.

Apart from that, Ye Chen also left his black gold card with Xiao Churan.

What Ye Chen wanted was that if he could still come back alive, he would destroy this letter completely, but if he could not come back alive, then when Xiao Churan returned home from the United States, she would naturally be able to see this letter, and at that time, this letter would be the will he left behind.

After doing all this, Ye Chen left his home while Uncle Chang Sheng had not yet left the Holiday Inn, intending to drive to the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel, where he would wait for Uncle Chang Sheng’s next move.

It was already past five in the afternoon when Ye Chen’s mid-level villa at the Champs-Elysées Spa.

Chang Sheng Bo still hadn’t left the hotel at this point, while Ye Chen arrived at the villa, stripped naked and soaked in the hot spring for a while, allowing his body to completely relax.

At half past six, Ye Chen changed into a black suit for night travel, kept the two magic weapons, the Thunderstorm Order and the Soul Piercing Blade, close to him, and took out three Peiyuan Pills, three Spring Return Pills and three Reshaping Pills to carry close to him.

These three Peiyuan pills would allow Ye Chen to maintain sufficient spiritual energy, while his opponent, who had already had a lot of spiritual energy sucked out of him by his specially modified Lightning Stunning Order, would have a much higher chance of winning if his opponent did not have a quick replenishing pill in his hand.