Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5656

Time soon came to the third day.

Uncle Changsheng arrived at the antique street early, waiting for Zhang Ermao’s good news.

At this moment, Uncle Changsheng was nervous and apprehensive.

According to Lord Ying’s request, he had to make his move on the An family today before midnight, that is, before eleven o’clock at night.

And Uncle Changsheng also intended to go to Wanliu Villa at seven o’clock sharp this evening.

At that time, he would first quietly find a safe place to settle at Wan Liu Villa and wait for the opportunity to move, and then strike as soon as the time was right to kill all the An family members.

Therefore, his biggest wish today was to get the other magic weapons from Zhang Ermao before 7pm.

Therefore, he knew that Zhang Ermao might not leave his stall until noon or even afternoon, but he still came to the Antique Street early in the morning to wait anxiously.

But today, as usual, Zhang Ermao did not arrive until late in the afternoon.

When he saw Zhang Ermao, Uncle Changsheng didn’t care about his modesty and ran to him quickly, asking, “Ermao, how is it going? Have you spoken to your boss? Can he still ship today?”

Zhang Ermao shook his head and said helplessly, “No, it’s not good, sir.

The first time I saw him, he said, “But he said he went to the field last night to get another batch of goods, and now he has a lot of goods on hand, so he plans to wait two days to focus on a batch of goods, if you are interested in waiting for two more days, then maybe he can give you five or eight pieces at a time.”

Uncle Changsheng was surprised and asked, “Another batch of goods? Where did you get them? What kind of goods?”

Zhang Ermao shook his head and said, “He won’t even tell me where he got the goods, I’m only responsible for the distribution, but don’t worry, I’ll bring them to you in two days.”

With a sigh of relief on his face, Uncle Changsheng said, “Hey! I’m not going to lie, Ermao, I’m taking the train to Yanjing tonight, I’ve booked a flight from Yanjing and back to Argentina tomorrow, and I’m leaving China tomorrow.”

Zhang Ermao was surprised and asked, “Old master, why are you leaving in such a hurry?”

Uncle Changsheng’s face looked a bit unpleasant and he said with a bit of reproach, “Why do you say that so harshly? What do you mean by leaving in a hurry? I have been out for too long this time and it is time for me to go back, my old companion and children at home are still waiting for me.”

Zhang Ermao blurted out, “Oh, no! It’s not as bad as these two days. The goodies will arrive in two more days! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he brings you the best goods first!”

Uncle Changsheng shook his head helplessly, “I really can’t wait this time, why don’t you give him a call and tell him that if he still wants to ship me the goods, he can have them sent to me now, there is still time, and you don’t have to worry about the money, as long as the goods are good, even if I double the price, I have no problem.”

Zhang Ermao shrugged his shoulders and said, “I just told him on the phone, I even said that if he was really inconvenienced, I could drive over and pick it up, but he said it would be the day after tomorrow at the earliest.”

The reason why these people have been able to keep doing this business without getting caught is because they don’t put money first, but safety first, which is why they haven’t capsized for so many years. If just anyone offered a high price to get them to change their original plan, they would have been arrested by Lei Zi long ago. ”

Hearing these words, Chang Sheng Bo’s heart, which longed for the magic weapon, was truly dead.

He nodded gently with incomparable disappointment and sighed, “It seems that there is no chance to work together again this time.”