Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5655

  When he saw Zhang Ermao’s hungover face, he asked him impatiently, “Ermao, has your boss given you the go-ahead?”

Zhang Ermao shook his head and said with a yawn, “Not yet, they have been thinking of various ways to withdraw cash since last night, and the amount of cash they withdraw each time cannot be too much, so it will probably take a little longer.”

Chang Sheng Bo was a bit annoyed and spoke, “Er Mao, I may have to leave Jin Ling tomorrow night, if I leave, we won’t have the chance to work together in the future.”

Zhang Ermao also said with a regretful face, “Master, tomorrow night is really a bit tight, why don’t you stay a few more days, wait for three or five more days how can you wait, if you really feel bored, you can move over to Buckingham Palace to live with me, I opened a presidential suite there, four bedrooms I only sleep in one, the remaining three bedrooms you can sleep at will. ”

I’m not sure I feel comfortable with the luxury of a presidential suite, but I’ve never joked with you before, I can only wait until tomorrow night at best. .” 嬰趣閣

Zhang Ermao nodded, “Alright, I’ll ask around and give you a message tomorrow.”

Uncle Changsheng was busy saying, “Then I’ll see you here tomorrow as usual.”

“Good!” Zhang Ermao agreed without a second thought and said with a pat on his chest, “See you tomorrow!”

That night, Zhang Ermao arrived at Ying Huang International by car for the third time.

This was already the third day in a row that he had come.

Just like the previous two times, today he was still splurging on money and surrounded by beautiful women.

Zhang Ermao did not drink a lot today because he could vaguely guess that his life of paper and gold was coming to an end tonight. Once Master Ye no longer needed him to act, he would have to go back to Tian Xiang House and help Master Hong Wu manage his minions and take care of the properties under his name.

Once he is back to being a master, his status in the jianghu is one level higher than that of the Four Heavenly Kings under Master Hong’s command, and it is definitely impossible for him to go back to the nightclubs and spend his days drinking every day.

Therefore, today, he treasured this last wonderful experience extraordinarily.

This night, Ye Chen lay in bed and stayed awake all night.

In his head, he kept thinking about what he should do if tomorrow night, Uncle Changsheng directly kills Man Liu Villa.

Should he find a deserted place halfway to intercept him and kill him with all his might, or should he wait until he arrived at Willow Villa and was about to make a move on his grandparents’ family, and then suddenly kill him by surprise.

At first, Ye Chen preferred the former.

This was mainly because he did not want to meet with his grandparents’ family just yet.

The reason why he didn’t want to was not only because he wanted to keep himself in the shadows, but also because, Ye Chen had never done a good job of psychologically building up to meet with his grandparents’ family.

When he thought back, his grandfather had always treated his father badly, so much so that in Ye Chen’s mind, no matter who had killed his parents, his grandfather’s family, as well as his grandfather’s family, had a responsibility that could not be shirked.

This was why he had never wanted to meet with his grandfather’s family, and had always had strong feelings towards him and his grandfather.

Therefore, Ye Chen’s initial thought was to choose a suitable place and fight to the death with Uncle Changsheng.

If he won, he would go away and hide his name;

If he lost, the chances were that he would die at the hands of Uncle Changsheng, so he would have done his best, and he would have peace of mind when he went there and met his parents.

However, Ye Chen quickly overturned this thought again.

The reason for this was that he thought of the reminder Lin Wan’er had given him.

If he did not survive the night, he had to let his grandparents know that Ye Chen, who they had been thinking about every day, was still alive.