Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5653

     Ye Chen said, “You can let him wait for the goods, the police and the banks are working very closely these days, large transfers will easily be targeted by them if the origin is unknown, especially this kind of dollar transfer, so we have to dump all the money in the next few days, you can tell the buyer and ship it to him in a week. “

Zhang Ermao said: “But the buyer can’t wait that long, he told me today that he can only wait until the day after tomorrow at the latest before dark, do you think we should ship to him earlier? After all, there is no such shop after this village.”

Hearing Zhang Ermao say that the broken Qing Hui Count could only wait until the day after tomorrow before dark, Ye Chen’s heart suddenly flinched.

He felt that since the other party would say that, then the night after tomorrow would most likely be the time for him to make his move!

If there was bound to be a battle between himself and him, then that battle should be on the night after tomorrow!

So, he said to Zhang Ermao, “I’ll think about it, if the police don’t do anything in the next two days and the timing is right, it’s not impossible to give him some more goods.”

Zhang Ermao asked, “Do I have to tell the buyer first?”

“No need.” Ye Chen said blandly, “To be cautious, it’s better to observe in the dark first and not be too active for the time being.”

“Good!” Zhang Ermao smiled heatedly and said, “Then what do I need to do in the next two days?”

Ye Chen said, “It’s better to continue to appear at the antique street, I will inform you if there are any special circumstances.”


After hanging up the phone, Zhang Ermao deleted the voice call with Ye Chen, then kicked the phone back into his pocket and began to rest his eyes.

He wondered in his heart, “I wonder why Master Ye is so cautious and specifically instructed me to follow the script he had set up to talk to him even if I was already in the Buckingham Palace car, could it be that Master Ye still doesn’t trust the people at Buckingham Palace? These can be the heart …… of Mr. Chen’s carefully cultivated inner circle. Moreover, why did he also explain that he must use WeChat to talk? Is the call still afraid of being traced to the call record?”

Zhang Ermao did not know that the content of his phone call with Ye Chen just now had been listened to by Chang Shengbo, who was sitting in a taxi behind him.

The reason why he had quietly followed Zhang Ermao was to keep a back-up for himself, plus the deadline for making his move was the night after tomorrow, so he didn’t have any other tasks at the moment, so he might as well take the opportunity to follow Zhang Ermao and get a clear picture of him, and ideally, find his handler.

It was for this reason that he had been concentrating his aura, listening to every word Zhang Ermao said in the car, as well as every word spoken on the other end of the phone.

When he had listened to all this, he was even more convinced in his heart of everything Zhang Ermao had said before.

Soon, the Rolls-Royce that Zhang Ermao was riding in, stopped at the entrance of Ying Huang International.

When the porter of Ying Huang International saw the Rolls Royce that Zhang Ermao was riding in, he busily came to the curb to wait to greet him.

As soon as the car stopped, he immediately pulled Zhang Ermao’s door open and said respectfully, “Mr. Zhang, you’re here!”

Zhang Ermao gave a hint and casually took out a few hundred yuan notes and gave them to the other party in a bold manner.

At that moment, an enchanting female publicist walked over with a water snake waist and asked in a delicate and soft tone, “Brother Zhang, you’re here, how do you plan to play today, my sister will arrange it for you!”

Zhang Ermao said boldly, “Open the biggest card table, serve the most expensive package, and arrange for me two girls that I can take away with me tonight, remember, I only want Japanese girls today!”

The publicist said with some difficulty, “Brother Zhang, Japanese girls are not as popular as European and American girls here, I only have one Japanese girl on hand, why don’t I give you another Korean girl, can you make it work?”

Zhang Ermao waved his hand, “No, I can’t! Your brother Zhang needs two Japanese girls today! If you can’t, you can borrow one from another venue, the price is fine! I’ll give you ten thousand dollars if you get it done!”

When the publicist heard this, she was immediately energized and said with a smile, “Brother Zhang, you are so generous, with your words, I will definitely find another one for you today, if not, Brother Zhang, do you think I can still make it in time to change my nationality?”

Zhang Ermao gave her a firm pinch on her slender waist and praised her with a smile, “You’re still the best at talking!”