Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5652

Chang Sheng Bo knew very well that two and a half days later, he had to go on the mission given to him by Lord Ying no matter what.

With his strength, even if the An family members were under the heavy protection of his bodyguards, it was absolutely not a problem for him to kill them if he wanted to.

Only, he knew very well that once he made a move against the An family members, it would be difficult for him to retreat in one piece under the siege of the Chinese officials, and there would then be no chance at all for him to unearth more magic weapons from Zhang Ermao’s body.

At a certain moment, Uncle Changsheng also thought about whether he should simply find an opportunity to kidnap Zhang Ermao and force him to give up the information of his superior family, and then follow the vine to find his superior family and directly kill them.

However, he was worried that if he made too much noise, word would get out, and the An family would be so well-informed that their core mission would be compromised if they were aware of it.

He couldn’t quite understand why such great news as the acquisition of a magic weapon could not make Lord Ying postpone his plan to kill the An family for a few days.

In desperation, he could only think of a way to find a breakthrough in Zhang Ermao’s body.

If money could impress Zhang Ermao, as well as Zhang Ermao’s superior family, so that they would sell all the magic weapons in their hands to him as soon as possible, this would be the best outcome for Chang Shengbo.

As for Zhang Ermao, his task was to get Chang Shengbo to reveal his final timeline, as this was of great significance to Ye Chen.

After listening to what Uncle Chang Sheng said, that he could at most wait until the day after tomorrow before dark, Zhang Ermao nodded without thinking and said, “Don’t worry, old master, I’ll try my best to help you fight for it, and if there is any news, I’ll be the first to find you at the hotel where you are staying.”

“Good!” Uncle Changsheng nodded in satisfaction and once again admonished, “Remember to tell them that as long as something I can look at, money is definitely not a problem!”

Zhang Ermao gestured an ok gesture and said with a smile, “I’ll do my job, don’t worry!”

Only then did Uncle Changsheng put his heart down and said to Zhang Ermao, “In that case, then I won’t delay your business, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I’ll come over here for two days when I have nothing to do, and you can tell me first if there is any news.”

Zhang Ermao agreed and watched Uncle Changsheng leave.

Although Uncle Changsheng left Zhang Ermao’s stall, he did not leave the antique street.

He circled around and eventually sat down at a restaurant about three hundred metres from Zhang Ermao’s stall, keeping an eye on Zhang Ermao’s every move.

Although Uncle Changsheng did not intend to rob him openly and secretly in order to ensure the successful completion of his mission, he still wanted to find out about Zhang Ermao and his handler, just in case.

At the same time, he did not realise that not far away on the first floor, an old acquaintance was keeping a close eye on him, this old acquaintance was Ding Yuan Bo Yun Ru Ge.

At 5pm, Zhang Ermao closed his stall and called the Buckingham Palace concierge to call a Rolls Royce to pick him up from the antique market.

He was now a guest of the Presidential Suite at Buckingham Palace and during his stay, the concierge had a Rolls-Royce for his exclusive use.

The Rolls Royce stopped at the curb, and the chauffeur in a suit and white gloves got out of the car, pulled open the rear door for Zhang Ermao and said respectfully, “Mr. Zhang, please get in.”

Zhang Ermao nodded and got into the car with a big grin as the driver asked him, “Mr. Zhang, where are you going next?”

Zhang Ermao waved his hand atmospherically and said with a smile, “To Ying Huang International!”

Yinghuang International was the largest and most luxurious nightclub in Jinling, and last night, Zhang Ermao had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night there.

Today, following Ye Chen’s instructions, he was still planning to go to Ying Huang International to feel the pleasure of spending money like dirt.

However, after he got into the car, he did not forget the task given by Ye Chen, so he picked up his mobile phone and used WeChat to make a voice call to Ye Chen.

  When the call was answered, Ye Chen spoke up and asked him, “Ermao, how are things going?”

  Zhang Ermao busily said, “The ring has been sold, and the buyer now wants more goods.”