Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5650

This time, Chang Shengbo had already made light of the situation.

He immediately opened his mobile phone and transferred US$200,000 to Zhang Ermao, and then asked him impatiently, “Ermao, can you ship the goods to me now?”

Zhang Ermao patted his chest and said, “Wait a moment, old man, I’ll call him to rush him!”

Uncle Changsheng hurriedly admonished, “I only want the same pit out as those two items, you must not fool me.”

Zhang Ermao said with a serious face, “Old man, don’t worry, I Zhang Ermao traveled for so many years, relying on the word integrity, we will not do things that fool people in this life!”

After saying that, he said in a mysterious manner, “My superior has contacted me and will send me another item in a moment, wait a moment!”

“Really?!” Uncle Changsheng was instantly excited and said out of the blue, “Great!”

The two of them waited together for about twenty minutes when a rider from the same city express delivery ran in from outside the Antique Street.

From the moment this man entered the Antique Street, he was jointly watched by both Uncle Changsheng and Yun Ruge.

There was no other reason for this, both of them had noticed the fluctuation of aura on his body.

Uncle Changsheng even felt that the fluctuations were somewhat familiar.

At this moment, Uncle Changsheng was even more excited and could not help but sigh in his heart, “This is the third magic weapon! I’ve really stirred up the nest of magic weapons! If there is one, there is two, if there is two, there is three, this three is already there, another four, five, six seems not a dream!”

At this moment, the rider went straight to Zhang Ermao’s stall and asked him, “You are Zhang Ermao, right?”

Zhang Ermao nodded and asked him, “Where are my goods?”

The rider took a jewellery box out of his fanny pack and handed it to him.

After the other party left, Zhang Ermao opened that jewellery box and took out the second jade trigger finger made by Ye Chen from inside.

Uncle Changsheng’s eyes had not blinked even once since Zhang Ermao had lifted the jewellery box a crack.

And when he got a good look at what was inside the jewellery box, his entire being couldn’t help but be a little disappointed again, muttering, “How come it’s another trigger finger?”

Zhang Ermao laughed: “Who knows about that stuff? Ask the owner of the tomb …… Maybe he loved to wear trigger fingers during his lifetime, one on each side of the two thumbs, it doesn’t look grand.”

The long-serving uncle’s heart is a bit depressed.

This kind of passive array of magic weapon, he is actually not very interested.

In his opinion, this kind of magic weapon was simply heaven and earth compared to the one he had obtained yesterday, which was able to summon heavenly thunder.

The expectations he held in his heart were still looking forward to obtaining a magic weapon that could enhance his attacking power.

But now there was another trigger finger, should he buy it or not?

If you say buy it, you already have one, and you haven’t even figured out what it can do yet;

If not, it is still a magic weapon, so I can’t let it slip through my fingers, right?

As he was depressed, Zhang Ermao spoke up, “Old master, if you want me to say so. If you want to buy this finger, you can wear one of the two thumbs on each side.

Uncle Changsheng thought to himself, “Since I have already spoken to Lord Ying about the ring, it would be good to buy a second one now, one for Lord Ying and the other to keep for myself, in case it is really something good, I will at least not beat my chest.”

Thinking of this, he said to Zhang Ermao, “Fine, since it’s destined to be a trigger finger, I’ll take this one too, or $500,000?”

Zhang Ermao hurriedly said, “Master, this time half a million won’t do, the master has instructed that this trigger finger is the last one, after it is sold, there will be no more, so it will not be sold for less than one million dollars.”

“One million ……” said Uncle Changsheng with some displeasure, “This is sitting on the ground and doubling the price flat!”

Zhang Ermao said helplessly, “Old man, I am also working for someone else, I have to sell at whatever price they set, it doesn’t matter if you think the price is high, you already have one of these things anyway, it’s not necessary to buy a second one.”