Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5649

  At this moment, he did not know that on the first floor of a teahouse along Antique Street, Ding Yuan Bo Yun Ru Ge had found a seat by the window and was watching him from afar.

At that very moment, Zhang Ermao walked in from the entrance of the Antique Street while snorting and dragging his stall out.

He was overjoyed to see him and rushed to him, asking, “Zhang Ermao, what have you been doing? I’ve been waiting here for you all morning plus noon and I haven’t seen you!”

Zhang Ermao yawned, and as he did so, he deliberately kept slapping his mouth with his palm, emitting a lazy tone of ah-ah-ah-ah.

After yawning, Zhang Ermao stretched in place again before saying slowly, “Old man, I’m a stall-holder, not a worker, I can come at any time I want, who the hell can control me?”

When Uncle Changsheng saw Zhang Ermao’s face, he wanted to slap him across the antique street.

However, when he thought that this man was his lucky star, he immediately put up with it and said, “Ermao, I smell you smelling of alcohol, you didn’t drink much last night, did you?”

Zhang Ermao said smilingly, “That’s right, thanks to your blessing, I made a lot of money last night and went out for a night of glamour, tsk …… drinking big foreign wine, sleeping on big foreign horses, staying in presidential suites, living like a god.”

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Zhang Ermao’s petty look, and you can’t help but sneer in your heart: “You’re really an antique dealer with nothing to show for it, you’re not the kind of person who can float away with such a small amount of money, you’re not destined to become a great person.”

Although he thought so, he immediately gave Zhang Ermao a thumbs up and praised him from the bottom of his heart, “I really envy you, you live in style!”

Zhang Ermao said, “Look at you, old man, you’re richer than me! I can live this kind of life, you can live it even more, how about this, how about I arrange a set for you tonight? Just tell me which country you prefer, Japanese, Korean or European? To be honest with you, the young Russian girls are really pretty and straight, perfect!”

Uncle Changsheng immediately waved his hand, “No, no, no, let’s talk about business, so that you don’t mess up my mind.”

Zhang Ermao was stunned and asked him, “What is the heart of the Tao? What is the one-benzene path?”

Uncle Changsheng was stunned: “Which Taoist temple is Yibendao?”

Zhang Ermao said casually, “It’s Japanese. The female monk in their temple is famous.”

As soon as Uncle Changsheng heard him say “Japanese female monk”, he knew he was not holding his breath, so he quickly interrupted him and said, “Ermao, come on Ermao, let’s stop talking! I came to see you today to ask you if you can still get me some good goods from your superior?”

Zhang Ermao put away his smile and said with a serious face, “Old man, I called my superior last night to report to him about your matter.”

Uncle Changsheng asked, “What did your superior say?”

Zhang Ermao said, “My boss is very cautious, usually he only sells goods once every few weeks, but I told him that the old man is a reliable and generous person, not to mention buying things, just to pay the introduction fee is hundreds of thousands of dollars, we can’t meet such a big customer, so I persuaded him to give you a few more things.”

Uncle Changsheng asked, “Did he agree?”

Zhang Ermao said with a smile, “He didn’t believe me when I said you were generous, but he asked me to ask you for 200,000 to 300,000 yuan for the introduction fee, and asked me to give him half of it.

He said, “Ermao, the introduction fee is a good deal, as long as you can get him to ship to me, I will give you 200,000 yuan for the introduction fee.”

Zhang Ermao immediately said, “Old master, I’m talking about dollars!”

Uncle Changsheng knew he was being ripped off, but at this point he couldn’t care less and immediately said in a decisive manner, “I’m talking about dollars too!”