Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5648

When Zhang Ermao arrived at Chen Zekai’s office in a panic with his bird’s nest-like hair, he still smelled of alcohol and perfume, and his face even had a number of bright red and delicate lip prints on it.

As soon as he saw Ye Chen, he asked with a busy smile, “Master Ye, you’re looking for me?”

Ye Chen nodded his head and asked him, “How was your drink last night?”

Zhang Ermao wiped his mouth and said with a heated smile, “Back to Master Ye, last night was quite good!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Since you had a good drink, then let’s start working well this afternoon.”

Zhang Ermao immediately stood up straight and asked respectfully, “Master Ye, if there’s anything you want me to do, just give me an order!”

Ye Chen gave a hint and asked, “Zhang Ermao let me ask you, did you get that other trigger finger back?”

Zhang Ermao immediately said, “I have it back! It’s in the safe in the room, I put it in there myself last night while I was still a little sober!”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “Now go back and wash up, but remember, just wipe your face and brush your teeth, don’t ever take a shower, after you wash up you bring me the trigger finger, then go to the antique street and go out to the stall, the old man who was looking for you to buy something yesterday has been waiting for you all morning.”

“Hey ……” Zhang Ermao came to life and asked, “Master Ye, that old ingrate has gone to the antique street again? He wouldn’t be looking for me to return the goods, would he?”

“How is that possible.” Ye Chen laughed, “He still wants to buy more things from you, after you go see him later, just say that your superior is not ready to take everything out yet, but if he can show some sincerity, you can fight for him.”

Zhang Ermao was busy asking, “Master Ye, how much of this is considered sincere?”

After thinking about it, Ye Chen said, “At least $200,000 must come first. When the $200,000 arrives, you can call Old Chen’s assistant and say nothing more than this – please send some goods, and don’t worry about the rest. ”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “For the second trigger finger, you can ask him for a hundred dollars.”

Zhang Ermao froze: “Master Ye …… I take the liberty to ask a question, that old man bought a trigger finger for half a million dollars, which is already a hundred times the premium, this time he wants one million, can he buy it?”

“Can buy it.” Ye Chen smiled confidently, “Just open your mouth and shout the price, as long as you shout the price out, he will definitely pay.”

Although Zhang Ermao had some doubts in his heart, he still nodded very dryly and said offhandedly, “Okay Master Ye, I understand!”


It was after one in the afternoon.

The antique street under the blazing sun was not very busy with customers.

Uncle Changsheng was still pacing back and forth in the street, his eyes sweeping over the various stall vendors.

A man at the stall couldn’t take it anymore and questioned, “I say, old man, you’ve been walking back and forth all morning, one trip at a time, my eyes are getting confused. Why don’t I give you a dollar and you can go to the east end and buy a popsicle?”

Uncle Changsheng looked at him angrily and said in a cold voice: “I can skulk around as much as I want, what’s it to you? If you keep talking nonsense, I’ll kill you!”

“Fuck!” The vendor was so angry that his liver ached and he cursed, “You’re a fucking old man, you don’t know any better.”

Uncle Changsheng was also furious at seeing his foul language and his fists were clenched in anger.

At that moment, he had one thought in his head: to use the piece of wood in his pocket that could summon heavenly thunder and kill the boy on the spot.

But that was all he could think about, he didn’t dare to cause any trouble before he took action against the An family.

So, he could only turn around resentfully and continue pacing towards the other end.