Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5645

  Yun Ru Ge frowned, she knew that she was carrying the mobile phone given by Lord Ying, so Lord Ying could not only contact her at any time 24 hours a day, but she could definitely know her real-time location as well.

But Lord Ying knew her location, but he was still deliberately exchanging pleasantries with her, so it seemed that Lord Ying wanted to get close to her.

Thinking of this, Yun Ru Ge said respectfully without showing her face, “Back to Lord Ying, my subordinate is still in the Far East at the moment.”

Lord Ying gave a hint and asked her, “Is there any trace of Lin Wan’er’s arrival in the Far East?”

Yun Ru Ge said, “Back to Lord Ying, I am incompetent and have not found any information related to Lin Wan Er yet.”

Lord Ying smiled and said, “Lin Wan’er is cunning and cunning, it is not because you are incompetent that you cannot find her.”

Saying that, Lord Ying then said seriously, “Ru Ge, there is something that I need you to move to do immediately.”

Yun Ru Ge knew that Lord Ying was being polite with these few words, and that the real highlight was right now.

So, without thinking, she said, “Please give Lord Ying an order, I will do my best!”

Lord Ying said, “I want you to rush to Jinling as fast as you can.”

Yun Ru Ge asked in surprise, “Ying Lord, do you want my subordinates to go to Jin Ling to assist Uncle Changsheng?”

“No!” Lord Ying said coldly, “I want you to secretly monitor Uncle Changsheng’s every move, I suspect he has second thoughts about the Qing Breaking Society!”

Yun Ru Ge was shocked and quickly said, “Lord Ying …… has been loyal to Uncle Changsheng for so many years, how could he have second thoughts about the Broken Qing Society?”

Lord Ying sneered, “He was loyal before, maybe he just didn’t meet a good opportunity.”

Saying that, Lord Ying did not cover up and said directly, “Uncle Changsheng said that he had obtained a magic weapon in Jinling.”

“A magic weapon?!” Yun Ru Ge was shocked, “Could there be cultivators who have mastered aura in Jin Ling?”

Lord Ying said, “According to Uncle Changsheng, it was stolen by a tomb raider by chance and he found it by accident.”

Yun Ru Ge marveled, “There are still such good things ……”

Lord Ying said, “I just checked the track of Uncle Changsheng’s movements and he did go to the antique street in Jinling twice, so the odds are that what he said about this matter is true.”

Yun Ru Ge asked in confusion, “Ying Lord, I don’t understand, since Chang Sheng Bo has told you the truth, why do you still say he has second thoughts?”

Lord Ying sneered, “What Uncle Changsheng told me was indeed the truth, only, he only told part of it!”

After saying that, Lord Ying added, “What he said he got was a passive magic weapon that he himself didn’t know what effect it had, but I checked his movement track during the day, after he left the Antique Street for the first time, he went to a mountain in Jinling where people were rarely seen, and stayed there for a few minutes before he returned to the Antique Street again, I suspect that he should have also gotten some kind of offensive magic weapon! ”

Yun Ru Ge was even more puzzled, “Ying Lord, my subordinate dares to say one thing, just based on the fact that Uncle Changsheng went to a mountain that was off the beaten track, I’m afraid it’s hard to prove that he obtained some kind of offensive magic weapon, right?”

Lord Ying snorted coldly and said gloomily, “Based on the movement trajectory alone, it naturally cannot be proven. However, today the Jinling Meteorological Bureau suddenly issued an extreme weather warning, and the warning was issued just twenty minutes after Uncle Changsheng arrived in the mountains!”

“Moreover, I just searched the local microblogging and short video platforms in Jinling again, and many people are discussing the thunder blast near Phoenix Mountain in Jinling this afternoon, and according to many descriptions, the thunder blast was so deafening that many people have never heard such a loud thunder in their lives!”

“And coincidentally, the valley where Uncle Changsheng went is not far from the edge of the Phoenix Mountain in Jinling!”