Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5644

Uncle Changsheng knew very well in his heart.

In view of the fact that he had already disobeyed orders to postpone coming to Jinling when he was in Yanjing previously, so if there was no more suitable reason this time, he could not disobey orders again no matter what.

Not resisting orders would mean that he would now have to immediately go to the Wanliu Villa and kill all the sleeping An family members, as well as all those who were protecting them.

An action of this magnitude would surely shock the world.

As one can imagine, Jinling, the place where the incident took place, would definitely be put under unprecedented martial law.

If that were the case, how could one still dig up clues about Zhang Ermao and his superior family?

Therefore, the best way to postpone doing it was to take the initiative to explain about the magic weapon.

After all, the magic weapon was not only very precious to himself, but equally precious to Lord Ying.

Uncle Changsheng wanted to withhold the piece of thunderbolt wood that could summon heavenly thunder and bring out that ring so that he could use it to get Lord Ying to give himself a few days’ grace.

When Lord Ying heard him say the word magic weapon, his voice stopped for two or three seconds before he questioned in a cold voice, “You have obtained a magic weapon? What magic weapon?!”

Uncle Changsheng hurriedly explained, “Back to Lord Ying, my subordinate happened to meet a peddler of antique relics, they just dug up an ancient tomb in Jinling some time ago and took out the antiques from it to sell, among them was a jade trigger finger from the Qing Dynasty, inside the trigger finger, there was a complete formation!”

Lord Ying immediately asked, “What about the effect? Have you tried what effect that formation has?!”

Uncle Changsheng replied, “That formation is a passive needle technique, my subordinate speculates that it should be some kind of passive formation.”

Lord Ying was surprised, “Is that true?!”

Chang Sheng Bo said with certainty, “Ying Lord, how dare I lie to you …… If you don’t believe me, I will bring this magic artifact back to you for inspection after I complete my mission!”

Lord Ying paused slightly for a moment, smiled, and said, “Uncle Changsheng, it seems that you have a personal interest in me, huh?”

Uncle Changsheng hurriedly said, “I dare not! My subordinate originally intended to ascertain the authenticity first before reporting it to the Ying Lord, besides that, my subordinate also thought that if I could take the opportunity to find a few more magic artifacts to present to the Ying Lord, it would be a great achievement ……”

The British Lord sneered and said, “In that case, it is considered that you have a heart.”

After saying that, Lord Ying added, “How about this, I will give you three more days, if you can still find more magic artifacts, I will naturally give you a big credit when you return, if you can’t find magic artifacts, you absolutely can’t delay any longer, after three days, you must exterminate the whole An family!”

Uncle Changsheng breathed a sigh of relief, fighting for a three-day window should also be enough for him to dig deeper on Zhang Ermao.

If he could find more and better magic weapons, then he would sift through the worse ones and go back to Lord Ying to return to his orders. If he could not find any other magic weapons, then he would have to take that jade trigger finger back to Lord Ying, just as a chance to use this jade trigger finger in exchange for a small gain.


Ten minutes later.

The Russian Far East.

At this moment, Ding Yuan Bo Yun Ru Ge was meditating in the place where she had temporarily landed.

Although there was not much spiritual energy in heaven and earth for them to absorb and transform, meditation and exhalation could at least help them refine the spiritual energy in their bodies a little bit more purely.

At this moment, Yun Ru Ge’s mobile phone suddenly vibrated.

The only person who could place a call to this phone, apart from the other two Counts, was Lord Ying, so she immediately opened her eyes and unlocked the phone.

The special software showed that it was Lord Ying calling himself.

Yun Ru Ge hurriedly pressed the answer button and said respectfully, “Lord Ying!”

On the other end of the phone, Lord Ying’s voice was a little gentle as he asked, “Ruge, where are you now?”