Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5643

  Lord Ying pursued, “Didn’t I already tell you? The An family all live in Wanliu Villa in Jinling, you only need to arrive at Wanliu Villa late at night and kill them all to avoid long dreams, what else do you need to familiarize yourself with such a simple matter?”

The first thing you need to do is to get a better understanding of the An family, otherwise, if there are any fish that are not at Wanliu Villa when you do it, this matter will not be easy to do …… “Μ.δdl℃ΗxWΖ.Com

The British Lord said in a cold voice: “Tonight An Qishan and his wife, as well as their three sons and one daughter, are all at the Willow Villa! It’s your best chance to strike! It is now two in the morning at your place, if you set off now, you will still have time to send the An family on their way before dawn!”

Uncle Changsheng said respectfully, “Ying Lord, you asked my subordinates to investigate the whereabouts of Ye Chang Ying and An Cheng Qing’s son, my subordinates haven’t found any clues yet, if we strike at the An family now, I’m afraid that the boy will be afraid of the mouse and will never dare to show himself again ……”

Lord Ying snorted coldly, “You only need to kill An Qishan and his wife as well as their three sons and one daughter, and the brat surnamed Ye will naturally appear!”

Uncle Changsheng asked in surprise, “Ying Lord, I dare to ask you a question, why are you so sure?”

Lord Ying said in a cold voice: “According to the order of succession of the An family assets set by An Qishan, once both he and his children met with an untimely death, the An family assets will be divided into two, half of which will be inherited by the children of the three sons and one daughter of the An family, and the other half will be inherited by the son of An Chengqin, which means that once they die, the kid surnamed Ye will become the biggest heir of the An family assets, which is As long as that boy is still alive, he will not be able to resist this temptation, and wherever he is, he will definitely show up to collect this huge inheritance, and then you can kill him without any effort!”

With that, Lord Ying continued, “Time is short, so you should hurry now!”

Uncle Changsheng’s heart suddenly thumped.

He had long known that his primary task in coming to Jinling this time was to kill the An family, but he had not expected that he would find two magic weapons one after another just after arriving in Jinling.

Now, he was still hoping to follow Zhang Ermao’s trail and discover more magic weapons, so under such circumstances, how could he spare himself to make a move against the An family immediately.

He knew clearly that the An Family was, after all, the third highest ranked family in the world, and once he made his move, it would certainly trigger an outcry from the entire international public opinion

He also knew that once the An family member really died in China, the Chinese officials would also definitely spare no effort in investigating to the end. At that time, the officials did not know how many capable people would be sent to Jinling to investigate the clues, and by then, his own movements in Jinling would be greatly restricted.

It is even possible that after killing someone, he will be wanted by the Chinese authorities worldwide.

After all, Zhang Ermao is not a key figure in the support of pot pouring, even if you kill him, you will not be able to find the clues of the upper family, the only way to do this kind of thing is to be wise, not hard ……

The best solution, therefore, is for Lord Ying to give himself a few more days of grace to dig that Zhang Ermao line deeper to the end, and then go on to tackle the An family without any distractions!

When he was hesitating and did not know how to ask Lord Ying for a grace period, Lord Ying questioned in a stern voice, “Uncle Changsheng, ever since I asked you to go to Jinling, you have been pushing me back and forth.

He could only say with fear and trepidation, “Lord Ying has misunderstood me, I am loyal to the Qing Breaking Association, how could I have betrayed my heart …… but… It’s just that I have one more thing to report to you!”

Lord Ying said coldly, “Speak!”

After a moment of contemplation, Uncle Changsheng gritted his teeth and said, “Lord Ying, I was in Jinling today and happened to find a magic weapon!”