Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5637

 So, he spoke up and said, “How about this boss, you’ve been in the antique industry for so many years after all, you can tell good from bad at a glance. If you really see something good, just keep it and hang it here, and I’ll come back tomorrow and the day after tomorrow if I have time.”

When Zhang Ermao saw that he was acting extraordinarily cautiously, he knew that this matter should not be forced, let alone ventured into.

So he patted his chest and said, “I’ll tell you what, old man, you can come back tomorrow morning and take a look.”

Uncle Changsheng came up and said in a low voice, “Boss, how about this, I’ll pay you $200,000 in advance, and if there’s anything new, you can keep an eye out for it for me first, so that no one else can get it first, and after I’ve seen it, if I like it, it’s the best, and if I don’t, you can sell it to someone else. ”

Zhang Ermao thought for a moment and then nodded his head in agreement, saying, “Okay, since you are so quick, I won’t be too hasty, I will do as you say.”

Uncle Changsheng was overjoyed and once again picked up his mobile phone and wired another 200,000 US dollars to Zhang Ermao’s bank account.

He spent a total of one and a half million US dollars, but he did not feel any pain, on the contrary, there was a sense of excitement that he had picked up a big deal.

So when he looks at Zhang Ermao now, he doesn’t have the same annoying energy he had just now.

Half an hour later, a rider returned the jade trigger finger to Zhang Ermao, and after he signed for it, he handed it to Chang Shengbo and asked, “Look at this trigger finger, is it the one you saw at the airport?”

Uncle Changsheng could clearly feel the spiritual energy and formation contained within this jade trigger finger, so he could also be sure that this was the one he wanted.

Immediately, Uncle Changsheng put the jade trigger finger under his hand, and with the two magic weapons in his hand, he was so excited that he said to Zhang Ermao excitedly, “Boss, remember to leave me anything new again!”

“Don’t worry.” Zhang Ermao patted his chest and promised, “If there are any new things in the future, I won’t show them to anyone until you have seen them.”

Uncle Changsheng smiled and said, “Good, in that case, thanks in advance!”

“What’s polite.” Zhang Ermao said casually, “If there’s anything you need in terms of antique paintings and calligraphy, feel free to come and find me at Antique Street.”

“Okay.” At this moment, Uncle Changsheng’s mind was already completely hooked on those two magic weapons.

Right now, his greatest wish was to hurry up and find a deserted place to properly try out the two magic weapons.

He then said to Zhang Ermao, “Boss, in that case, I will leave you to your business, and I will come back tomorrow morning if I have time.”

“Fine!” Zhang Ermao said with a smile, “Old master, then take your time and I won’t see you off.”

“Stay!” Uncle Changsheng waved his hand and turned around impatiently, leaving the antique street in stride.

As soon as he left the Antique Street, Uncle Changsheng reached out to stop a taxi, got in and said to the driver, “Where is the least crowded place in Jinling, preferably deep in the mountains and forests, where there is no one.”

The taxi driver was surprised and asked, “Old man, at your age, why are you looking for a place where no one is around? You don’t think you can’t do it, do you?”

Chang Shengbo took out a few hundred dollar bills and put them on the dashboard in front of him, saying in a cold voice, “Cut the crap and hurry up and drive, or else I’ll take someone else’s car.”

As soon as the taxi driver saw that the other party’s hand was in US dollars, and several hundred dollars at that, he immediately put the money away with a smile on his face and said flatteringly, “Since you want to go to a deserted place, old man, let me take you to Phoenix Village behind Phoenix Hill Cemetery. If you don’t think it’s remote enough, follow Phoenix Village and go over a mountain, the mountain behind it is not even accessible, not to mention uninhabited!

Without thinking, Uncle Changsheng blurted out, “Yes! Let’s go there!”