Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5636

At this point, after a long period of explaining and pleasing, Chang Shengbo finally gained Zhang Ermao’s “trust”.

He simply wired a total of US$800,000 to Zhang’s account.

After receiving the money, Zhang Ermao said to Uncle Changsheng with great joy, “Oh, old man, so you are not Lei Zi, you are the God of Wealth!”

Uncle Changsheng asked impatiently, “I paid the money, so the stuff is mine, right?”

Zhang Ermao directly handed the thunderbolt wood to Uncle Changsheng and spoke, “Take this first, the trigger finger will be sent over later.”

He was overjoyed, and held the thunderbolt wood in his hand and kept playing with it, his fondness overflowing.

At this moment, he no longer had any bitter hatred for Zhang Ermao.

All he wanted to do was to find a deserted place and try out the power of this magic weapon made of thunderbolt wood.

While waiting for the delivery, Uncle Changsheng couldn’t help but ask Zhang Ermao, “By the way, boss, do you have any more similar goods here? If so, can you show me, I’ll take them all if they’re suitable.”

Zhang Ermao shook his head and, following Ye Chen’s instructions, spoke, “The trigger finger and the thunderbolt wood were both given to me by my superior and asked me to distribute them on his behalf.

When Uncle Changsheng looked around and saw that there was no one around, he lowered his voice and said, “Little brother, I see that you are selling antiques that have just been dug out of the birth pit, since you have supported the pot, there is no way that these two antiques are the only ones in the tomb, right?”

Zhang Ermao said seriously, “Old man, I’m not going to lie to you, there is indeed the matter of supporting pots, but I am only responsible for selling them, don’t look at me as cautious, my superior is even more cautious than me, where he has supported pots, where he has poured out what treasures, I don’t know at all, he only took two pieces to me and asked me to find a channel to sell them, if I sell these two pieces, he may give me something new. ”

Uncle Changsheng said excitedly, “In that case, you should still have the goods in the hands of your superior!”

Saying that, he hastily added, “Little brother, I have one more thing I want to ask you for.”

Zhang Er said casually, “If there is anything you want, just say it.”

Uncle Changsheng said, “Can you help introduce your superior to me? I’d like to buy some more things from him.”

“Sorry, I can’t do that.” Zhang Ermao said seriously, “My superior is very concerned about personal safety, he won’t meet me or contact me at all unless it’s necessary, and the contact between us is one-way, so he can find me if he has something to do, but I can’t find him if I have something to do.”

He said, Zhang Ermao added, “How about this, if you really want it, just leave me a contact information, after I pay the payment to my superior this time, if they still have something similar, they will definitely sell it to me again, and when I get it, I will contact you first.”

Long Sheng Bo hesitated for a moment, and eventually decided that he would not reveal his contact information.

With the current mobile phones, the concealment was very low because you had to connect to a base station to get communication services.

As long as the other party knows one’s phone number, then the other party can pinpoint one’s location based on the base station to which the phone number is connected, and the accuracy can even be narrowed down to within a hundred metres.

The reason why Chang Sheng Bo knew all this was due to the fact that Lord Ying, in order to enable an old man like him, who had lived for over a hundred years, to keep up with the times, had once specially educated them on the current state of development of modern technology, as well as the importance of personal information security.

Therefore, although Uncle Changsheng did not suspect Zhang Ermao, he was still reluctant to give out his contact information to a stranger.