Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5629

  Hanging up the phone, Zhao Laoshi walked back excitedly, unaware that all this conversation had been overheard by Uncle Changsheng.

From his conversation with Zhang Ermao, Uncle Changsheng did not hear anything broken, but on the contrary, he was even more convinced of his previous judgment, and also firmly believed that that Ermao brother, as Zhao Laoshi said, must have other good things in his hands, and might really have other magic weapons.

To him, to get a magic weapon was as important as a martial artist suddenly getting a complete mind technique, or a football player winning the God of Power Cup, it was almost one of the highest visions of his career!

At this moment, Zhao Lao Si returned to Chang Sheng Bo, smiled mysteriously and asked, “Old man, you want to see my big brother?”

Uncle Changsheng arched his hand and said, “Precisely!”

Zhao Laoshi smacked his lips and said with deliberate difficulty, “My big brother never sees strangers, ah, I just said I wanted to introduce you to him, and he even scolded me for daring to talk to anyone ……”

The first thing that happened was that the two of them had a pair of hawk-like eyes that flashed with a hint of anger and killing intent.

He had already taken in the conversation between the two, and knew that Zhao Laoshi was deliberately playing a trick on him, trying to get some more benefits from him.

In all his years of life, it had been a long time since anyone had dared to play this kind of game in front of him. You’re not the only one who can do that.

However, Uncle Changsheng also knew that, as the saying goes, a little intolerance leads to a lot of chaos.

Although he was annoyed, he could not turn against Zhao Laoshi. This was nothing to him.

So, he immediately reached into his pocket and took out a few thousand dollars, handing it directly to Zhao Laoshi and said, “Little brother, I have already expressed my sincerity many times, if you don’t show some sincerity, it would be a bit unreasonable, right?”

If he was greedy and insatiable at this time, in case the old man complained to Zhang Ermao, the benefits that Zhang Ermao had promised himself might be lost.

In the past, he was not afraid of Zhang Ermao, but some time ago, Zhang Ermao followed Master Hong Wu, and he was afraid that Zhang Ermao still had friendship with Master Hong Wu now, so he naturally did not dare to offend.

So, he hurriedly put the money under his hand and busily smiled, “Old master, look what you said, I have talked to you so much and have always been very sincere, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to say everything to you, don’t you think so?”

Uncle Changsheng’s expression eased a little and he opened his mouth to ask, “Then how can I meet this big brother of yours?”

Zhao Laoshi said without thinking, “Look at it this way, go out and line up a taxi, tell him to go to the antique street, there is only one antique street in Jinling, he will definitely pull you to the place, when you get to the antique street, go to the middle stall inside and look for a man called Zhang Ermao, he is my big brother!”

“Zhang Ermao ……” muttered Uncle Changsheng, and the Ermao brother that he had just heard and that Zhao Laoshi had spoken of seemed to be the same person, so he could tell that this kid was not playing mind games with himself anymore.

So, Uncle Changsheng nodded and spoke, “In that case, then I will go to the Antique Street to meet this Mr. Zhang.”

“No problem!” Zhao Laoshi smiled heatedly and hurriedly said, “But old master, I have to wait for the Hong Kong merchant here, so I can’t accompany you, you mustn’t mind!”

Uncle Changsheng didn’t bother to talk nonsense to him, now he only wanted to hurry up and find this Zhang Ermao, first see how many magic weapons he still had in his hands, then take them together with the jade trigger finger in the hands of this kid in front of him!