Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5628

“You want to buy it?”

Uncle Changsheng nodded: “Yes, I want to buy it, so please give me a price!”

When Zhao Laoshi heard Uncle Changsheng ask for a price, he immediately thought of Zhang Ermao’s previous explanation.

No matter who wanted to buy the finger, he would have to ask a price that was a hundred times higher than the market price.

Zhao Laoshi did not understand why Zhang Ermao was doing this, but after all, he was taking money from others and doing things for them, so he certainly could not go out of his way, after all, he was only here to pick up the person, and the old man really wanted the finger, he would have to go and talk to Zhang Ermao.

The jade finger was worth at most 30,000 to 50,000, and if you quoted it a hundred times, it would be in the range of three to five million.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth, stretched out three fingers, and said to Uncle Changsheng, “I estimate that this item will cost at least three million!”

“Three million?” Although he was always in seclusion and did not often go out on business, he was still very clear about the concept of three million.

But fortunately, the Qing Breaking Society was well funded, so even a few hundred million, not to mention a few million, would be nothing to Uncle Changsheng.

So he asked Zhao Laoshi, “If I want it, can we trade now?”

Zhao Lao Si was shocked, he didn’t expect this old man to really have the idea of buying it!

So, he spoke, “If you really want to buy it, then you will have to go and talk to my big brother face to face, I can’t make the decision on the details.”

He then asked Uncle Changsheng, “Old man, the price of three million is just a preliminary offer, and it’s only the minimum price, there’s no cap on it, if you can accept it, I’ll call my big brother for instructions, if not, let’s not waste each other’s time.”

Uncle Changsheng nodded gently, made a gesture of invitation and said, “Three million, I can accept it.”

Zhao Laoshi was shocked and staggered in his heart, but he still said to Uncle Changsheng very cautiously, “Old man, give me back the trigger finger first, I’ll go and call my big brother.”

Uncle Changsheng could only reluctantly return the trigger finger.

Zhao Laoshi took back the trigger finger and walked a little further away to make sure that Uncle Changsheng couldn’t hear him before he took out his mobile phone and called Zhang Ermao.

Once the call came through, Zhao Laoshi immediately lowered his voice and said, “Brother Ermao, someone wants to buy the wrench finger you gave me.”

Zhang Ermao asked, “How much did you quote him?

Zhao Laoshi lowered his voice and whispered, “I quoted him a minimum of three million, and he …… said he could accept it ……”

Zhang Ermao gave an oh and said, “If you can accept it, let him come to Antique Street and talk to me face to face.”

“Okay!” Zhao Laoshi agreed readily, and then asked, “Brother Ermao, I have gone to a lot of trouble with this old man, if this trigger finger is really sold for three million, you must give me credit!”

“Don’t worry.” Zhang Ermao said without thinking, “No matter how much the deal is, I’ll give you ten percent of the reward!”

“Really?!” Zhao Laoshi’s heart was pounding with excitement, one tenth of three million, that’s 300,000! He himself could not earn this much even after working hard for a year ……

The first time I ever lied to you, I would have given you five more points if you could have introduced me to a big client and bought the other things I had.

Zhao Laoshi was overjoyed and said, “Okay, Brother Ermao, with your words, I’ll definitely introduce you to a good deal, no, introduce you to a good deal!”

Zhang Ermao reminded, “Don’t just talk about clients, keep an eye on the airport, the big clients from Hong Kong Island may come in sometime, that’s the real big money maker!”

“Don’t worry, Brother Ermao!” Zhao Laoshi said excitedly, “I definitely won’t drop the ball!”