Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5627

  To Chang Sheng Bo, although he had mastered the aura, he did not know much about magic weapons and formations.

Although he had a wooden sword with an attacking formation in it, he could only use it, but not refine it.

Even, he did not understand the subtleties of formations, nor could he read the basic principles and logic of formations.

Therefore, when he saw the formation that Ye Chen had left in here, he could not figure out for a while, what the use of the formation was.

In fact, this formation was a kind of passive defence formation recorded in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, once the person wearing the magic weapon was attacked, the formation would immediately activate and use the energy it contained to defend the owner against the attack.

The principle of the strength and effectiveness of the formation is like a simple arithmetic problem; if the attack is less than the strength of the formation itself, then the owner will be unharmed;

If the attack is greater than the strength of the formation itself, then the formation will do its best to defend the master against the attack, and the master will have to bear the burden of the part that cannot be defended.

However, Uncle Changsheng had never seen such a formation before, so he could not understand what the purpose of the jade trigger finger was.

Thinking of this, he could not help but curse Lord Ying in his heart: “That old fox, never told us anything deeper, so much so that when I see a magic weapon now, I don’t even know what it actually does, and even if I get it, I’m still in the dark, so if I really want to know what the effects are, I’m afraid I’ll have to go back and ask that old fox… …But what if it’s really good and that old fox takes it away and doesn’t give it to me?”

At this thought, Uncle Changsheng’s teeth itched with hatred.

Before he could properly comprehend the mystery of the finger, Zhao Lao Si came forward and said, “Old master, have you almost finished looking at it? Give it back to me when you’re almost done!”

Even Lord Ying is still thinking about the mysterious ring in Lin Wan’er’s hand, which shows the importance of this magic weapon to monks.

Immediately afterwards, Uncle Changsheng sighed in his heart, “But should I just snatch this magic weapon away or return it to this guy first and then continue to set him up? It would be easy to snatch it away, and it would be impossible for this kid to stop me, but if the other party calls the police, I will have a hard time getting around in Jinling, and what’s more, if his elder brother has other magic weapons in his hand, won’t I be alarming the snake and losing a lot for a small amount?”

Moreover, at this point in the conversation, Uncle Changsheng had a clear picture of the logic of the whole matter in his mind.

He speculated in his mind: “This money-minded guy in front of me should be a pawn of some tomb-robbing gang in Jinling. This gang must have recently dug up a tomb and obtained this trigger finger and other cultural relics and antiques, and must be looking for a powerful buyer right now. …… ”

“While the Hong Kong merchant hasn’t received it yet, if I can get on his line, I should be able to see all their haul from this tomb raid first, in case there are really many magic artifacts, wouldn’t that be a huge profit?!”

Thinking of this, he then looked at Zhao Laoshi and asked very seriously, “Little brother, how much are you selling this trigger finger for? If it’s suitable, I’ll buy it!”