Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5624

Zhao Laoshi saw the money and saw that the other party handed over a few hundred dollars, not bothering to look carefully at how many there were, he hastily drew the money over, and looked around with thievish eyes, before saying to Uncle Changsheng: “Old man, to be honest, this trigger finger is not something I can sell just because I say so, it belongs to my elder brother and was given to me to wear as a token when I come to pick up someone at the airport. ”

“A token?” Uncle Changsheng frowned slightly.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t wondered why an ordinary man would have a magic weapon in his hands.

If it was really just a coincidence that this guy got it, and he bought it from him for a slightly higher price, then it was his own luck.

However, this man said that this item was a token given to him by someone else, which made Uncle Changsheng feel a bit wary.

So he deliberately asked Zhao Lao Si, “Little brother, what is this token about? Can you explain it to me?”

Zhao Laoshi took several hundred dollars from Chang Shengbo, naturally he did not dare to be too perfunctory, so he smiled and said in a low voice: “My elder brother asked me to receive Hong Kong merchants here, Hong Kong merchants have always been our big customers in the antique circle, and there are also some grey transactions that are not convenient to express to outsiders, just like secret agents passing intelligence, there must be a token. ”

The first thing that I can say is that the name written on my card is a fake.

Zhao Laoshi didn’t lie to Uncle Changsheng either.

Zhang Ermao himself had not made things very clear to them, deliberately obscuring and ambiguous, leaving them a lot of room for speculation.

Why is there no word on when the person will arrive? It’s because they have to be careful and cautious! Fun Corner

Besides, why do you need a raw finger to pick him up? That must be the key to the agreed-upon verification of the authenticity of the contact!

Besides, why do you need a raw finger to wear? Maybe Zhang Ermao had hooked up with the tomb raiders and was now trying to help them sell the stolen goods!

Zhao Laoshi also felt that, regardless of the dynasty of the item, as long as the item was dug up and not handed over, it was illegal, and if the item was dug up and not handed over, but also secretly traded on its own, it was an additional crime. This proves that he must be preparing a big deal and doesn’t care about this small amount of money!

It was because of all this room for imagination that Zhao Laoshi firmly believed that his judgment was definitely correct and that he had definitely gotten Zhang Ermao’s pulse right!

Uncle Changsheng was also a bit torn in his heart at this time.

On the one hand, he thought that there might be a fraud, but on the other hand, after hearing what Zhao Lao Si had said, he thought that this was probably a fucking tomb-robbing and stolen goods gang.

Thinking of this, he deliberately asked, “Little brother, dare I ask, is this brother of yours a professional antique dealer?”

“Yes!” Zhao Laoshi said without thinking, “He has been doing antiques for twenty to thirty years, he is absolutely proficient in all sorts of things!”

Uncle Changsheng nodded, took out a few hundred yuan notes and handed them over, saying with a smile, “Little brother, I wonder if you can introduce me to your big brother? I’d like to get to know him a bit.”

Zhao Laoshi glanced at the old man and saw that the old man was very quick to pay out money, so he had a plan in mind.