Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5622

One concept that many religions, although they have different worldviews, coincide in referring to is that of the end times.

In layman’s terms, these religions believe that the constant development of mankind has led to a diminishing interaction with nature, with heaven and earth, and with the universe, thus distancing mankind from God.

In the view of the Taoists, heaven and earth were originally full of spiritual energy, and as long as they mastered the method of absorbing and transforming it, humans could have ascended to immortality, but now the natural world is almost depleted of spiritual energy and humans have lost the possibility of ascending to immortality, so this is what they see as the Age of the End of Dharma.

Regardless of whether this is true or not, for those who have mastered Reiki at this stage, their personal feeling is that there is no Reiki in the natural world and the only way to obtain it is through pills or other special items that contain Reiki.

It was only through the pills given by Lord Ying that Uncle Changsheng gradually mastered Spiritual Qi. Over the years, the way he obtained Spiritual Qi was not only through the pills given by Lord Ying, but also through a special formation set up by Lord Ying inside the base of the Qing Breaking Association.

When this formation was in operation, it would produce a constant stream of spiritual qi. Although the amount of spiritual qi produced was not that much, it was still considerable after years and years.

In the past years, the four Counts of the Qing Breaking Association were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to retreat and train in the formation, except that most of the time, the formation served Lord Ying alone.

Under such circumstances, these four Counts of the Qing Breaking Society were extremely sensitive to the traces of spiritual energy around them.

It is like a mouse that is hungry to the point of hunger and is extremely sensitive to the taste of food.

In his life, Uncle Changsheng had only one magic weapon of his own, and that was a wooden sword given to him by Lord Ying, which contained a formation with the ability to attack.

Other than that, he had nothing.

So when he realised that the man who had picked him up had a magic weapon in his hand, his heart still jumped into his throat with excitement!

He then stopped in his tracks and quietly observed the other man.

At this moment, Zhao Lao Si did not realise that an old man was staring at him not far away.

He was now in high spirits, because if he held a sign at the airport for a day, he would earn Zhang Ermao three thousand yuan for his hard work, which was more than he could earn by setting up a stall in the antique street.

He doesn’t even want Chen Jiawei to come over too early, because if he can work for a month, he can rest at home for the next four months of the year.

After observing Zhao Lao Si for a few moments, he came to the conclusion that he was not proficient in aura, not only because he did not notice any aura fluctuations, but more importantly, Zhao Lao Si was too marketable, his eyebrows and expression were full of the authentic marketplace aura of a commoner, a person who was proficient in aura could never have this kind of bottom-level marketplace aura.

Therefore, Uncle Changsheng guessed that this person should not know that the trigger finger he was holding was actually a magic weapon!

Thinking of this, he hit upon the idea of this trigger finger.

So, he pretended to look to his left and right and came to Zhao Lao Si before asking him, “Little brother, I’m sorry to ask, but if I want to go to the city centre, how should I go?”

Zhao Lao Si looked back at him and saw that he was an unassuming old man, so he said in a somewhat dismissive manner, “Is there any need to ask? Take a taxi, the underground, the airport bus, which one doesn’t go downtown?”