Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5615

As for why he wanted to tell a fortune for him, the reason was also very good, it was that Ye Chen had been explicitly and implicitly telling them to be careful, and the reason he said that was that he hoped that he would not leave Jinling University in the near future, and it would be strange if he could not comprehend that instead.

So, it was after he had comprehended this that he himself had a fortune told for him.

After reading his fortune, he found that he was in no danger, and out of gratitude, he also wanted to read Ye Chen’s fortune, so because of this, he himself called to ask Ye Chen’s birthday, and everything went back to the very beginning.

In this way, the logic would be self-consistent.

Sometimes it takes a hundred lies to explain a single lie told, and the reason for this is that it is difficult for the liar to be logical and self-consistent, always being found out;

But for a girl like Lin Wan’er, who was extremely intelligent, the lie had already completed its logical self-consistency and formed a closed loop in her brain before it was uttered, so when Ye Chen heard it, he did not notice anything unusual at all.

He felt that Lin Wan’er’s desire to tell his fortune should also be out of good intentions.

Thinking of this, he did not hide it anymore and told Lin Wan’er his birthday.

When Lin Wan’er heard that the birthday Ye Chen had mentioned was exactly the same as the one she had found on his profile, she could not help but feel a surge of relief in her heart.

It seemed that Ye Chen should really trust himself.

She then spoke, “Brother Ye Chen, I will do the calculation for you now and tell you the first time when I have the results.”



When Ye Chen drove back to Townsend One, his phone received a message from Lin Wan’er.

In the message, Lin Wan’er wrote: “Brother Ye Chen, I have done some calculations for you, the trigrams show that you may encounter a very serious danger in the near future, the danger is coming from the north and there is no way to resolve it, you must be careful and careful again recently!”

When Ye Chen saw this message, he couldn’t help but frown, he didn’t get out of the car, but sent back a message asking, “What does it mean that there is no way to resolve it? How can’t you avoid it?”

Lin Wan’er replied, “Yes …… there is no way to resolve it, you can only face it ……”

Ye Chen’s expression suddenly flinched.

He had an intuition that what Lin Wan’er had said was by no means something that was created out of nothing.

Combined with her mysterious identity background, her understanding and mastery of the eight trigrams of the I Ching might have really surpassed Lai Qinghua.

So, this was further proof that what she said was on target.

More importantly, Ye Chen had a bad feeling the moment he saw her.

Grandmother’s family had come to Jinling, and so had Lin Wan’er, and his first thought at that moment was that the Earl of the Broken Qing Society was afraid that he was also on his way to Jinling.

Now, in combination, the danger Lin Wan’er spoke of was the same as his own suspicions.

Ye Chen’s heart suddenly tensed up.

He felt like a general guarding a fortress, the sound of the enemy’s iron hooves was getting closer and closer, while he did not know whether to guard the eastern wall or the western wall.

His wife had to guard, his grandparents had to guard, and if he had that ability, Lin Wan’er had to guard too.

Just when he was feeling divided, he suddenly remembered the details Lin Wan’er had said on the phone earlier.

Lin Wan’er said that she had told her own trigrams and that they showed that she was in no danger.

In that case, it was his wife, as well as his grandparents, who he had to guard.

With so many people coming over from the United States, it would be difficult to keep the noise down and not be noticed by someone with an eye on the situation.

Therefore, Ye Chen concluded that if the other party came to Jinling, the target should be grandparents’ family!