Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5614

Seeing that the results of the trigrams eventually pointed to Ye Chen, Lin Wan’er’s heart, all of a sudden, tensed up again.

She knew that Ye Chen’s strength, the vast majority of people, could not possibly pose any threat to his safety.

Then the person who could put him in a dangerous situation was bound to be superbly strong.

She couldn’t help but think, “Could it be that the other Earls of the Broken Clear Society are coming to Jinling?! That must be the case! Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn’t have warned me to be safe!”

Thinking of this, she subconsciously took out her mobile phone and wanted to give Ye Chen a call.

However, the phone was picked up and for a moment she didn’t know how to speak.

After all, she had been playing dumb in front of Ye Chen, and had managed to get him to drop his guard. If she took the initiative to alert him at this time, I was afraid he would become suspicious again.

However, after thinking about it, Lin Wan’er still felt that she should give Ye Chen a warning, after all, Ye Chen was her life-saver, and if he was in danger, she might not be able to help him out, but she could at least warn him in advance.

So, after deliberation, she went to the balcony and gave Ye Chen a call.

At this moment, Ye Chen was on his way back to his home.

When he stopped at the traffic lights, his mobile phone happened to receive an incoming call from an unfamiliar number.

After picking up, he heard Lin Wan’er’s voice on the other end of the line, “Brother Ye Chen, this is Lin Xiaowan ……”

Ye Chen asked her curiously, “Xiaowan, what’s wrong? Looking for me for something?”

Lin Wan’er hesitated for a moment and asked him, “Brother Ye Chen, I wonder if it’s convenient for you to tell me, what day is your birthday?”

Ye Chen was puzzled, not knowing why Lin Wan’er suddenly asked about his birthday, so he asked her suspiciously, “What’s wrong? Why are you asking about my birthday all of a sudden?”

Lin Wan’er used layers of speech that she had already thought of and spoke, “You just urged us not to leave the school casually recently, I guessed that you might be afraid that we were in some kind of danger, so you divined a trigram for yourself ……”

“Tell a trigram?” Ye Chen recalled when he saw Lin Wan’er in Northern Europe, her desk, there were nine copper coins on it, at that time he guessed that this might be for fortune telling, but never confirmed it.

Ye Chen had also called and asked Lai Qinghua, who had mentioned to him that if the nine bronze coins were really used for fortune telling, then it might be the legendary near-god trigrams that had been lost, and the level of such trigrams might be so high that even Elder Lai himself did not dare to look up to it.

At that time, Ye Chen thought that Lin Wan’er’s nine copper coins were probably just a coincidence, but now it seemed that Lin Wan’er might really be proficient in understanding the eight trigrams of the I Ching.

However, he still pretended to be curious and asked her, “Little Wan, you know how to tell fortunes?”

“I know a little ……” Lin Wan’er replied, “It’s just that I seldom used to tell fortunes for myself because if I did it too much, I would be condemned by heaven.”

Ye Chen laughed, “It shouldn’t be that mysterious, right?”

Lin Wan’er smiled faintly and said, “Whether it’s really that mysterious, I don’t know.”

Saying that, she brought the topic back to the subject of Ye Chen’s birthday and continued, “Brother Ye Chen, do you want to give me the date of birth so that I can also help you with a fortune telling?”

At this moment, Ye Chen did not feel that anything was wrong.

The rhythm of Lin Wan’er’s progression of words was very well grasped.

She knew all of Ye Chen’s profile information, yet she had to call to ask for Ye Chen’s birthday, just to create a feeling that she had not investigated Ye Chen at all, so that Ye Chen would believe that she simply wanted to tell his fortune for him, and that was why she called to ask for his birthday.