Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5611

  Lin Wan’er also guessed his intention in saying this and could not help but sigh, “Such a powerful elixir, if only I could buy some more and keep it on hand on a regular basis just in case.”

Ye Chen nodded his head, if he carried the Blood Dissipation Heart Saving Pill with him, it could indeed save his life in critical moments.

Once he thought of this, it suddenly occurred to him that if the Earl of the Qing Breaking Society really came to Jinling, Lin Wan’er would be in danger, and to Ye Chen, once the Earl of the Qing Breaking Society came to Jinling, he would definitely spend all his energy on protecting his grandparents’ family, and at that time, he would not have time to care about Lin Wan’er.

At that time, Lin Wan’er might just have to fend for herself.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen pondered for a moment, handed the remaining pills in his hand to Lin Wan’er and said, “I think it’s likely that you still haven’t adapted to the soil of Jinling, so maybe this migraine will come back in the future, so I’ll give you the remaining pills, so you can keep them for a rainy day.”

Seeing Ye Chen handing over the pills, Lin Wan’er was stunned.

She knew that the elixir Ye Chen had given herself was absolutely extraordinary, and to give herself a quarter of it was already a great favour, and as Ye Chen had paved the way for so long and kept saying that the elixir was precious, Lin Wan’er could also see that Ye Chen had not originally intended to give the rest of the elixir to herself.

However, now that Ye Chen had suddenly handed over the pills, it had caught Lin Wan’er a little off guard.

After recovering, she quickly waved her hand and said, “Brother Ye Chen, your pills are so precious, I can’t accept them ……”

Ye Chen looked at her and suddenly felt a little pity for her in his heart, this girl had been hiding from the Broken Qing Society, thinking that it was already very difficult, not expecting that not long after she had come to Jinling, she would probably be found by the Broken Qing Society again, thinking that it was also an ill-fated fate.

So he smiled to himself and said, “It’s said to be precious, but it’s really just that, I’m just the old king selling himself, it’s not good to keep this already cut up, you’d better keep it for yourself.”

At this moment, Lin Wan’er saw in Ye Chen’s eyes the pity hidden under his eyes, which made her suddenly feel a little apprehensive in her heart and could not help but think: “Why is Ye Chen he …… looking at me with such eyes?”

At this time, Claudia at the side did not know how precious this elixir was, only that Ye Chen was kind to Lin Wan’er, so she spoke up, “Yes, Xiao Wan, just take this medicine, tomorrow will be the start of military training, in case you are suffering from migraines, you will definitely not be able to hold on, you keep this medicine, if you have another headache you can take another quarter of it. ”

Ye Chen also insisted, “Xiao Wan, Claudia is right, you should keep this pill for now, after all, you probably need it more than I do, and if Croatia needs it, you can also give it to her to take, it’s kind of an extra protection for both of you.”

Lin Wan’er was silent for a moment, nodded gently and said solemnly, “Brother Ye Chen, thank you ……”

“You’re welcome.” Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh in relief when he saw her accept the pills.

In his opinion, that was all he could do for Lin Wan’er.

He had the Spring Return Pill with him, but Lin Wan’er had seen the world, so he really didn’t dare to give her the Spring Return Pill, so these three-quarters of an enhanced version of the Blood Scattering Heart Saving Pill would be considered a guarantee for her.