Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5606

Ye Chen did not expect that Claudia had called him because she wanted him to go and treat Lin Wan’er’s headache.

However, when he thought back to the last time he saw Lin Wan’er, he did increase the amount of aura he channeled into her when he did the psychological suggestion, and it seemed that he had indeed caused Lin Wan’er a considerable amount of after-effects.

In itself, he had been a bit heavy-handed, and now Claudia had called him on the phone, so he couldn’t really shrug it off.

So he said to Claudia, “Then wait for me for a while, I’ll drive there now.”

Claudia said joyfully, “Okay brother Ye Chen, call me when you arrive!”

“Okay.” Ye Chen agreed, then he said to Xiao Churan, “Honey, I’m going out for something, I’ll be back soon.”

Xiao Churan asked curiously, “It’s after 8 o’clock, who is looking for you so late?”

Ye Chen didn’t cover up and said bluntly, “It’s Claudia, her classmate is in a little trouble and wants me to go over and help.”

Xiao Churan asked in confusion, “What kind of trouble? Is it serious?”

Ye Chen laughed, “She’s a bit unwell, I think, and feels like she’s been struck by an evil spirit, so I’m going over to see if there’s something wrong with the feng shui of their dormitory.”

Xiao Churan nodded and admonished, “Then go, don’t come back too late.”

“Okay.” Ye Chen smiled faintly, took the car keys and left home.

On the way to Jinling University, Ye Chen could not help but secretly wonder in his heart whether Lin Wan’er still remembered himself or not.

Although he had already confirmed it once, somehow he always felt that something was not quite right in his heart.

However, to Ye Chen, the best way to prove whether someone was lying or not was by mental suggestion, so if it was possible that Lin Wan’er really remembered him, there was nothing he could do to prove it.

However, Ye Chen did not dwell too much on this issue in his heart, because he felt that, regardless of whether Lin Wan’er was hiding the truth or not, he and she were definitely not enemies.

Let alone the fact that he had saved him, even if one only looked at the fact that everyone had a deep hatred with the Broken Qing Society, the two should be on the same side.

Therefore, with this knowledge, whether Lin Wan’er was lying or not was not that important to Ye Chen.


At this time in the girls’ dormitory, Claudia changed out of the dress she wore in the dormitory, and slightly touched up her lipstick in the mirror. When Lin Wan’er saw this, she couldn’t help but smile and say, “Claudia, still putting on lipstick at this late hour?”

Claudia said shamefacedly, “I’m going out to pick up brother Ye Chen soon, aren’t I? If I don’t go to pick him up, he definitely won’t be able to come up.”

Lin Wan’er looked her up and down and said, “They say that a woman is a woman who pleases herself, so you are dressed so formally and wearing lipstick.

Claudia shook her head repeatedly, vainly straightened her hair and said unnaturally, “No …… I treat brother Ye Chen like my own brother, and he has helped me so much that I am indeed grateful to him in my heart.”

Lin Wan’er said seriously, “Sometimes love is transformed step by step through gratitude ah, and, if love is a fruitful tree, then gratitude is one of the best fertilizers.”

Claudia said nervously, “Xiaowan you must not talk nonsense, brother Ye Chen is already married, saying such things will affect other people’s family happiness if word gets out, besides I really don’t consider him as a dream lover …… ”

Lin Wan’er smiled slightly and said moderately, “You don’t need to tell me this, just convince yourself.”