Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5598

When he heard Qing Xu Sanren’s impatient declaration of sincerity, Chang Sheng Bo nodded with satisfaction and smiled; everything was indeed going in the direction he had calculated.

As far as Uncle Changsheng himself was concerned, he had never been a very good man.

Apart from the fact that he was a hard worker in front of Lord Ying, he could not even meet the most basic moral threshold of ‘keeping his word’ to others.

In fact, when he first arrived in Yanjing, he had thought of using the contacts and resources of the Chang Yun Guan to help him find Lin Wan Er’s whereabouts.

However, after much consideration, he still felt that it was not worth exposing his true identity just to make use of the Long Cloud View.

At least, a Taoist priest who was born in the 19th century and had been a monk at the Chang Yun Guan for decades would still be alive today, and once word of such a thing got out, it would certainly bring him some unnecessary trouble.

It was because of this that he had not been coming to the Long Yun Guan.

However, the present form was already somewhat urgent for Chang Sheng Bo.

On the one hand, Lord Ying had ordered the entire Qing Breaking Society to hibernate for the time being, and he might also be asked to return soon, leaving him with little chance to find Lin Wan’er. But now the situation has changed suddenly;

On the other hand, Lord Ying also wants him to find the whereabouts of Ye Chang Ying’s son, a matter that he can no longer delay and will be departing for Jinling in the near future.

Although this would definitely reveal the fact that he was already over 150 years old, if he could find Lin Wan’er, he would return victorious and triumphant, and he would never come back to China again.

Qing Xu Sanren had no idea what his uncle had in mind.

He only knew that his uncle had lived for nearly 160 years and that he was now willing to pass on the way of longevity to himself, and all he needed to do was to give his name.

There was absolutely no reason for him to refuse this.

Seeing that the time was ripe, Chang Sheng Bo immediately said to him, “Qing Xu, in these few days, you will work harder, mobilize all the contacts you can and help me investigate the clues I want, I am going to make a trip south, if you have any news, feel free to contact me!”

Qing Xu San Ren knelt on the ground and said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Senior, Qing Xu will do his best!”

Uncle Changsheng nodded and gave him Lin Wan’er’s photo, admonishing, “Find the person in this photo, remember, the photo must not be leaked, let alone spread through the internet, from now on, this photo can only be kept by you, have your people use this photo to see her clearly in front of you, got it?”

He knew that once anything reached the internet, it was absolutely impossible to avoid it being copied and spread. Once the photo was spread through the internet, it was likely to be seen by Lin Wan’er or her spies, which would then definitely alert the snake.

Therefore, if the photo was given to Qingxu, he had to ensure that it would never be uploaded onto the internet.

When Qingxu Sanren got this photo of Lin Wan’er, he said without thinking, “Don’t worry, uncle, Qingxu will remember it!”

Saying that, Qing Xu Sanren asked again, “Senior, do you have any general clues about this girl? For example, what places could she possibly be in?”