Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5597

Uncle Changsheng nodded and sighed, “I am, this year, one hundred and fifty-six years old.”

“One hundred and fifty-six years old ……” said Qing Xu Sanren with a wistful expression, “You don’t even look fifty-six …… ”

Chang Sheng Bo said indifferently, “This side is the cut after mastering the aura, I have already lived three centuries, nineteen, twenty and twenty-one, if I can live until the twenty-second century, I will have no regrets in this life.”

Qing Xu Sanren was stunned, and with his legs bent, he fell to his knees again, while kowtowing heavily, pleading, “Master Chang Qing, please teach Qing Xu the Way of Longevity, and if you agree, Qing Xu will always be at your side and at your disposal for the rest of his life, no matter what you say!”

At this moment, he was in the same state as when Uncle Changsheng had left the Changyun Temple.

Now that he has passed the age of old age, he had already resigned himself to his fate, but he never expected to see his master uncle again here.

So this also rekindled his deepest desire for longevity.

Looking at him, Uncle Changsheng let out a soft sigh and said with incomparable sincerity, “Qingxu, after so many years, I am back here again, just to find you and the disciples of Changyun Guan, to share with you what I have gained over the years like I have!”

Qing Xu San Ren was instantly trembling with excitement, looked up at Chang Sheng Bo and choked up, “Master Chang Qing …… are you …… really willing to pass on the Way of Longevity to your disciples?”

I have been thinking about the Chang Yun Guan all these years, and it has been as kind to me as a mountain, so I naturally hope that it will continue to flourish. …”

Qing Xu San Ren was so excited that he bowed three times and said loudly, “I, Qing Xu, would like to go through fire and water for Master Chang Qing!”

Uncle Changsheng smiled faintly, helped him up and said with a smile, “I came back this time with the thought of staying at Changyun Guan in the future, and when you follow me in seclusion for five years, I promise to let you master the ability to harness spiritual energy.”

Qing Xu San Ren was immediately overjoyed and said, “My disciple Qing Xu, thank you for your great kindness, Master Chang Qing!”

Uncle Chang Sheng waved his hand and said indifferently, “But you can’t rush now, because I can’t leave all other matters behind right now and come back to the Chang Yun Guan for retreat, so wait for me at the Chang Yun Guan and I will come back to you after I have finished the matter.”

Qing Xu Sanren asked, “Master Changqing, I dare to ask you, when will you be able to finish the matter?”

Uncle Changsheng was silent for a moment and spoke, “It will be three to five years soon, thirty to fifty years long, and perhaps even longer if things don’t go well.”

Qing Xu Sanren was stunned and said in near despair, “Master Chang Qing, where else can a disciple last for thirty to fifty years ……”

The reason why I haven’t come back all these years is that I have stayed by this nobleman’s side, just like you promised me earlier. Now he has a matter for me to complete, and until it is completed, I will remain at his command.”

If I find it, I will be free, but if I don’t, I will have to keep on searching.”

When Qing Xu Sanren thought about it, he might have to wait for decades, and he might even have to wait until he died, so how could he wait so passively?

So he hurriedly said to Uncle Changsheng, “Uncle Changsheng, what is the person you are looking for, tell me, and I will help you find her even if I have to dig the ground!”