Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5595

Uncle Changsheng followed the young Taoist priest to the side hall in the middle courtyard of the Changyun Temple, which is the meeting room of the temple and is used to entertain abbots, supervisors and followers of other Taoist temples who have made great contributions to the temple.

After settling Uncle Changsheng here, the young Daoist priest hurriedly ran to report.

At Chang Yun Guan, those who spend long hours in the front courtyard are mostly junior Daoist priests who are not yet senior, which is why they are allowed to maintain order among visitors and worshippers in the front courtyard, while cleaning, maintaining the idols in the shrine and tidying up the tributes are also their jobs.

Therefore, if the junior Daoist priests wanted to report news to the overseer, it had to be passed up the hierarchy, and the number of layers passed was one more than the junior Daoist priests thought.

It was twenty minutes before an old man in Daoist robes, surrounded by a crowd of people, came hurrying in with joy and surprise.

He rushed into the meeting room without stopping, and when he took a glance at Uncle Changsheng, he stood motionless at the door as if he had been cast a body spell.

This man is the current supervisor of Chang Yun Guan, Qing Xu San Ren.

The name Qingxu was given to him by his master who adopted him, and since he was a child, his master had called him by this name as a maiden name, and when he took over as the overseer, he added the word Sanshin to it.

Uncle Changsheng looked at him, gently stroked his long beard and asked him with a smile, “Qingxu, do you still recognise me?”

Qing Xu Sanren was shocked beyond belief, and two lines of hot tears even welled up at the corners of his wrinkled eyes as he choked out, “Master Changqing …… is really you?!”

Uncle Changsheng nodded gently, “It’s really me.”

Qing Xu Sanren, excited, looked at him and murmured, “Master Chang Qing, nowadays, you are even younger than Qing Xu, could it be that …… could it be that you have really found the method of immortality?”

As soon as Qing Xu Sanren said this, several of the older Daoist priests around him, all of them looked appalled!

These people, all of them, were core members of the Chang Yun Guan, and moreover, they had all heard the story of True Master Chang Qing from Qing Xu San Ren.

Qingxu Sanren had told these people that the last time he had seen Changqing Zhenren was in the late 1950s.

Now after almost seventy years, it was unexpected that the Changqing Zhenren in front of him looked even younger than the Qingxu Sanshou.

It seemed to them that True Master Changqing had, indeed, found the legendary method of eternal life.

The disciples of the Daoist sect are not quite the same as martial artists, who all enter the Dao with martial arts, but the Daoists enter the Dao in a variety of ways.

Among the Taoists, there are also those who enter the Way by martial arts. The Quanzhen Sect, often mentioned in martial arts novels, is a good example of entering the Way by martial arts;

In addition to this, there are many other ways to enter Taoism through Dan, through talismans, through divination, and even through the use of Qi Men Dun Jia.

For centuries, the Daoists of Chang Yun Guan have been using Dan to enter the Dao, but because their cultivation and Dan Dao are not exquisite enough, no real great talents have emerged over the years.

He spent more than half a century at the Changyun Temple until the 1940s, where he worked early in the morning and late in the evening to refine hundreds of pills, and walked countless times in front of the ghost gate just to test his pills, without really mastering the aura.