Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5593

  I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a piece of shit that wasn’t even worth ten fucking dollars, and I lost half a year of my income in one fell swoop. ……”

Said, he some nervous glance at Xiao Changkun, see Xiao Changkun did not hear the meaning of his words, so hurriedly added: “So ah Xiao chairman, I now change the way, I sell it, I will only sell fake goods, collect it, I also only accept fake goods ……”

Xiao Changkun frowned: “What? You’re a professional cheat now?”

Zhang Ermao smiled sarcastically, “Hey …… you can also understand it that way ……”

Xiao Changkun said seriously: “Ermao ah, not I say you, do a line of love, you engage in this, you have to have professional ethics ah.”

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of money from the company. When you make money later, it’s not too late to upgrade your professional ethics, how do people say, first get on the train and then buy a ticket ……”

Xiao Changkun disdainfully skimmed his mouth, looked at Zhang Ermao’s stall, shook his head and said, “Aiya, you are really doing more and more regression, just these fake goods on your stall, there is one count, I can see.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Zhang Ermao said attentively, “Chairman Xiao you must be discerning, good things can’t hide from your eyes, and so can fake things.”

Xiao Changkun smiled and picked up the lightning wood in the middle of the stall with his hand, looked at it carefully and said, “But this lightning wood doesn’t seem to be fake, how much is it for? I’ll take it if it suits me, and keep it to avoid evil.”

Zhang Ermao held out five fingers.

Xiao Changkun asked curiously, “Five hundred?”

Zhang Ermao laughed heatedly and said, “Ten thousand ……”

Xiao Changkun’s eyes widened and he questioned offhandedly, “Fifty thousand?!”

Zhang Ermao shook his head, “It’s five million ……”

“Fuck ……” Xiao Changkun threw the thunderbolt wood back into the stall and cursed, “Zhang Ermao, are you crazy poor? You want five million for such a piece of shit? Do you take me for a fucking double-colored ball?”

Zhang Ermao said awkwardly, “Chairman Xiao, you’ve said it all, what I’m doing now is cheating, how can I cheat if I don’t ask a tougher price ……”

Xiao Changkun said in exasperation, “Then you can’t rob openly ah …… purely purely what is a big disease in the brain!”

Said, hands behind his back, striding away without looking back.

Looking at his big brother-like back, Zhang Ermao sighed helplessly and thought to himself, “Master Ye wants me to offer five million for this lightning wood, if I keep this stall open like this, I guess I’ll have to let people scold me a dozen or twenty times a day ……”



On the outskirts of Yanjing, Chang Yun Guan.

As the oldest Daoist temple in the country, Chang Yun Guan is considered a Daoist holy place in the current era.

The incense of the Taoist temple is very strong and abundant, and all the disciples who believe in Taoism in Yanjing often go here to make offerings.

There is an overseer and an abbot at Chang Yun Guan, in addition to numerous disciples of varying ranks, adding up to at least three hundred people.

The Buddhist abbot is the one with the highest position and power in the monastery and is in charge of all its affairs, whereas in Taoism, the abbot’s main duty is to teach the scriptures and is more like the most senior professor in the Taoist temple, but the person who really has the highest management power in the temple is the overseer.

Dressed in a Taoist robe, Uncle Changsheng gazed up at the mountain gate of Chang Yun Guan for a moment before stepping through the door of the temple.

The entire Chang Yun Guan is divided into three courtyards: the front, middle and back, but only the front courtyard is open to worshippers and incense-bearers, where a number of shrines are located, especially the central San Qing Hall, which is dedicated to the Taoist ancestor San Qing.