Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5592

  After closing a few deals, Zhang Ermao couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy at being a fish out of water. Although there was no great future in selling fake antiques to cheat people, it was really fulfilling for him to engage in this stuff.

He was very happy to see those who had dreams of making a fortune from the fake items they had bought at a high price, and he was very happy.

He couldn’t help but ponder in the back of his mind, “It seems that this antique trade can’t be thrown away, half of the happiness in life comes from this place …… In the future, if Master Wu’s side is not so busy, I can come here every now and then to have some fun.”

Zhang Ermao was happily calculating in his mind when a familiar voice suddenly came, laughing with a bit of surprise, “Aiyo, Zhang Ermao, when did you come back to set up a stall again?”

Zhang Ermao looked up and immediately said with a respectful face, “Oh, Chairman Xiao! I haven’t seen you for a while!”

The person who spoke was none other than Ye Chen’s old husband, Xiao Changkun.

Although Xiao Changkun was now the executive vice president of the Calligraphy and Painting Association, his love for antiques had not diminished at all.

A while ago, because of his lost love, he was not in a good mood and had not come here for some days. Fun Corner

In the past two days, he has had a slight reprieve, and on the weekend, he has taken up the idea of visiting the antique street again.

But he didn’t expect to see an acquaintance, Zhang Ermao, just as he arrived here.

Hearing Zhang Ermao respectfully call himself Chairman Xiao, Xiao Changkun was very pleased with himself and said smilingly with his hands behind his back like a leader, “Ermao, I heard that you have followed Master Hong Wu and become his military advisor, why are you back in the Antique Street?”

Zhang Ermao said with a smile, “Chairman Xiao, you really have eyes and ears to see and hear everything, there is nothing that can be hidden from you in this Jinling City!”

Xiao Changkun was complacent with the boast, but his face pretended to be profound and said, “Ermao, you don’t have to praise me here, but in this mu of Jinling, there is really nothing that I, Xiao Changkun, can’t figure out.”

Zhang Ermao nodded and said solicitously, “Chairman Xiao, I’ll be honest with you, after spending some time on Master Wu’s side, I found that it might not be too suitable for me, so I came back to pick up my old job.”

Xiao Changkun didn’t doubt it and nodded, “You were born to be in the antique business, and I must say that you are my lucky star in this business, the first big leak I picked up was half a million dollars that I gave to you.

Xiao Changkun said, “By the way, I have been collecting small items one after another for some time, and from my experience, they should all be right, so I will show them to you when the time comes, and if you offer the right price, I will release them all to you.”

Zhang Ermao remembered his miserable experience of spending half a million dollars to buy a fake from Xiao Changkun, if not for Ye Chen’s face, how could he have spent that wasted money?

Thinking of this, he hemmed and hawed and said, “No, no, no Chairman Xiao, I’m ah, not taking anything now.”

“No more?” Xiao Changkun frowned and pointed at the pile of things on his stall and asked, “You don’t take things anymore, where did you get all these things? You can’t build it yourself at home, can you?”