Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5588

After Li Yalin had finished speaking, the old man, An Qishan, whose condition had improved greatly in the past few days and whose memory had gradually begun to recover, suddenly said with a serious face, “Yalin is right! In the past, we were too easily able to deny something based on our intuition, and that’s why we never found Chen’er after all these years! Sometimes, you have to go against your instincts!”

An Chongqiu nodded and said, “After Sis’s accident, we searched for her in Jinling for a while, but found no sign of her! ”

An Kaifeng was silent for a moment, then suddenly raised his head and frowned, “Now that I think about it, the water in this place, Jinling, is indeed unfathomable! Other than that, based on the scattered clues we’ve been able to get hold of so far, I presume that my benefactor should be from Jinling!”

“Indeed.” An Chongqiu also agreed, “Your Eminence chose to hold the Spring Return Pill auction in Jinling, and also gave this opportunity to the local Song Group in Jinling, and I got some information that the Song Group contributed over ten billion dollars in tax revenue to Jinling after that Spring Return Pill auction, and also donated ten billion dollars in charity money, which should all be the auction money obtained from the auction of the Spring Return Pill! ”

Said, An Chongqiu added: “In addition to that, there is another thing, the Song Group after the auction, invested over ten billion dollars to prepare for the construction of a large orphanage in Jinling, it is said that this orphanage is designed to be the largest in the world, not only can it provide tens of thousands of orphans with the necessities of life, but also provide them with excellent educational resources, if one is not affectionate enough to Jinling, it is absolutely impossible to make such a decision!”

Li Yalin’s eyes lit up and he blurted out, “Building an orphanage? It seems that this benefactor attaches great importance to orphans! Could it be that he is also an orphan by birth and that’s why he takes such good care of orphans?”

An Chongqiu nodded and said, “What Old Li said is also possible.”

Ye Chen’s sister-in-law An Youyou couldn’t help but say, “If we investigate the orphanage in Jinling, wouldn’t there be a chance to find out the identity of the benefactor?”

Hearing this, Li Yalin’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed in his heart, “Isn’t this just raising one to the other? If we follow this line of investigation, not only can we find out about your grandfather, we can also find out that your grandfather is actually the grandson of the An family!”

At this time, An Chongqiu suddenly waved his hand and said, “I think we should stop exploring the identity of En-Gong, he knows every step we take, if we venture to explore his identity again, I’m afraid it will make En-Gong upset with us.”

An Kaifeng agreed, “Big brother is right, since we are here in Jinling, we are under the eyes of your Excellency, at such a time, it is better to try to keep a low profile and try not to make any small moves.”

Li Yalin looked at the two brothers who were so serious, but he was anxious, but he did not dare to reveal too much, he could only sigh in his heart, “You two brothers are really crouching dragons and phoenixes, if we miss this clue, I am afraid that if we want to find Ye Chen again, it will be as difficult as heaven!”


The next day at dawn, the northern suburbs of Jinling.

Before the day really dawned, Zhang Ermao was already standing at the edge of a dry toilet in a farmhouse.

With a shovel in his hand, he dug out the three magic artefacts given to him by Ye Chen from the stinking mud at the side of the dry toilet pit.

The three magic tools had been buried for two days with the rotten and smelly pig offal, and once they were dug out, they smelled fishy.

He picked them out of the earth with his nose pinched, carefully brushed the soil off with a soft brush, then wiped them carefully with a dry towel, and put them under his nose and sniffed hard.

The smell of blood and fishy odour had faded by now, and according to Zhang Ermao’s previous experience in antique tumbling, the smell was very close to the smell of new jade from the birth pit.